Sunday April 5th  2015                                                                                     Charity registration No. SC 002876

St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's
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An Easter Meeting

A short personal reflection for the first Easter Morning

As the dawn approached and light began to filter slowly into the room, a woman could be made out in the shadows sitting motionless, her head bowed and her hands clasped together. Her veil and her outward apparel were folded over a chair close to her. As the light increased, traces of tears became visible on her cheeks; the sad-looking eyes were down cast and her face showed obvious signs of sorrow and grief. She stirred slightly and wrapped her mantle aroundher for the room had cooled during the night. The world outside remained silent for it was too early for anyone to be abroad. There was a sense of deep loneliness made all the more apparent by the grey light of early morning., there was another presence in the room, and the room was filled with the most beautiful light dispelling all the darkness and shadows. The figure of a young man appeared before her and a voice said to her: “Mother”. Mary immediately recognised the voice of her son. With joy, she flung herself into his arms. Her own voice was so filled with emotion that she could scarcely pronounce his name, "Jesus”.The union of mother and son in the dawn of the Easter morning was so beautiful. Was it a dream? No truly this was Jesus, her son. It was only two sorrow of the last few days melted in the glow of the warmth ofhis presence. Jesus was alive! Mother and Son talked together. What they said to each other we can only imagine, but it must have been so beautiful. By now the sun was fully up, and although Jesus had gone, the room was now filled the joy and hope of that first Easter day, and Mary was radiant with joy.

May this Easter assure us that the presence of the risen Christ is within the heart of each of us. All of us have lost loved ones, and may be someone very dear recently; let Christ dispel the sorrow in your heart and give you new hope and a spiritual joy your grief .

With the support of her prayers, may he change whatever sorrows we may have deep within into a consoling spiritual assurance that our loved ones are safely with him in heaven. May she help us all to renew our trust in her Son and his promise of resurrection so that we may place those who have gone before us into his care

Remember the words of the angel to Mary of Magdala at the empty tomb

 Why look for the living among the dead? He is not here. He has risen”