Sunday September 21st.. 2014                                                                                         Charity registration No. SC 002876

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Collection this weekend for training students for the priesthood

We have our annual collection during September to help the diocese meet the expense of training its students for the priesthood.  It costs £12,000 a year for a student to study in Rome, and our yearly collection is so necessary to help the diocese for this most important fund to help assure a continuation of priests to say Mass and administer the sacraments.

Should one of our own priests be chosen as our next bishop, then two parishes in our diocese will be without a parish priest, This means parishes may have to amalgamate, with one priest serving two parishes. It may also require a reduction in Sunday Masses so that priests can travel to other parishes to say Mass. Those of the clergy who are aging pray that God will give them health and strength to continue ministering to the parishes under their care.

Although, it is necessary to have funds to meet the expense of training our students, it is more important that we realise the urgency of the situation and pray and make sacrifices that the call of God to young men to serve him in the priesthood will not go unanswered in a world that is becoming ever more materialistic.

Retired priests

At the moment we have five retired priests, and the diocese fulfils its obligation to these priests who have served the diocese so devotedly during their years of priesthood. It assures that they have accommodation, one  is in a care home, and provision is made for their expenses. This comes to £30,000 a year, and the collection for the Sick and Retired  Priests Fund each August  is a great help towards this, and the bishop is always so grateful for the generous help that you give.

Our parishioners generously support the parish and other good causes.

In the recent annual figures for the parishes in the diocese, Roy Bridge parish (including Spean Bridge and Invergarry) is away at the top of giving per capita, which is proof of the continuing generosity of your support of the parish, which also includes the special collections, the appeals for various charities, including the missions and the special missionary appeals when we are visited by a missionary priests to tell us of the work in the mission fields. For our size, which includes many pensioners, you are an example to all by your generosity/  May God reward and bless you.

Insurance for parish property which includes churches and chapel house

We received our statement from the Catholic Insurance Company during the week, and the total insurance for our properties comes to £2,612. We thank God that over the years we never have had any need to apply for insurance for any serious damage. We thank the angels for looking after us.

Bishop Budd’s holiday visit to Roy Bridge

We look forward to Bishop Budd, former bishop of Plymouth, spending three weeks at Bohuntine.  As always he is very kind in offering to say Mass and to allow me to go off for a few days should I wish.  I have asked him to say the 11.30 a.m. Mass next Sunday and to say the harvest prayer at the beginning of Mass and to bless the gifts from the parishioners at the altar.

Feast Days of the week

Tuesday—St. Padre Pio, the worker of many miracles. He was a monk in the monastery of Pietreclina for most of his life, and streams of penitents came to his confessional.

Saturday—St. Vincent de Paul. It was he who sent his Vincentian missionaries from  Ireland to the Western Isles, to Barra, Eriskay, South Uist and Benbecula, to minister to the people who had been deprived of priests since the penal days at the time of the Reformation

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Ellen Nicolson

Prayers: Margaret Muncie

Euch Mins: Moira Coutts, Liz Campbell

Roy Bridge:
Readers: Catrina MacDonald  Ishbel Campbell

Prayers: Lorna MacGregor

Euch Mins: Rory MacDonald, Nilda Hawke, Margaret Watt

Rota September 27th - September 28th