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Fund for training students for the priesthood

Collection next Sunday

Next Sunday we have we the  annual collection to help the diocese meet the expense of the training students for the priesthood. We have one student from Nigeria going to Rome this year to completes his studies in theology, He has already completed two years of philosophy, and should be ordained in four years time. There is also the possibility of another two new students wishing to start their studies for the priesthood. This is all good news, as the diocese is in a very delicate position at the moment because of the shortage priests.  It costs £12,000 a year to educate a student in Rome, and  next weekend’s collection will go some way towards helping the diocese meet the expense of training these students for the priesthood. As always, I know you will give as generously as you can for such a deserving cause.

Our village shop to close

For seven years Raymond and Lorna Weir and their staff have provided us with a wonderful service, a true min-supermarket that contained practically everything we needed.  The little shop at Laggan, now also closed, had a notice in the window which read: If we don't have it, you don’t need it!  And this could also be said for our local shop which was so well stocked. And then, to everyone's delight, the Café was opened, and became a popular meeting place for locals, and served a real need for tourists and people passing by. The food was always so tasty and good, reasonably priced, and the service was excellent, and there was always a friendly and warm welcome from the staff.

Although, Raymond and Lorna had decided some time ago to put the shop up for sale, they did their best to keep it open for as long as possible in the hope of finding a buyer so that it would not have to close. Sadly,  there has been no interest shown and after these years of devoted service to the community,  the café– shop will close this coming week.

We all owe a great deal of gratitude to Raymond and Lorna and their staff for the service they have given to our community. The shop made an excellent profit, but Raymond and Lorna found that there was a great deal of stress attached to running the business and  this affected their family life and their time together.

Lorna has been secretary to the Spean School for a number of years, and is involved in so many things with the children for whom she has such great love and warmth, and is truly loved by them in return.

May God bless Raymond and Lorna, and we hope they will now find more time to relax and enjoy themselves, with no early mornings to open the shop.

They will still remain in Spean Bridge where they have a lovely home.  They can look back with pride, and although we will miss them, we are grateful for all they did to make life easier and helpful for the people of the village, especially our senior members of the community.

Congratulations to Katie Jasperson,  

Cardston’s Citizen of the Year

Katie Jasperson, formerly Katie MacInnes from Achluachrach, Roy Bridge, sister of Polly MacInnes and Mary Toal, recently received a special award from her home town of Cardston, Alberta, Canada.

Katie, a full trained Registered Nurse, left Scotland in 1962, and went to work in a hospital in the town of Cardston, Alberta. She married Roy Jasperson in 1963 and then moved to their large rural farm on the prairies.  In 1974, they decided to sell the farm and return to live in Cardston with their six children because of the problems  Roy had with his health. In the years that followed, Katie worked both at the Cardston hospital and at the Blood Indian hospital

Since retiring in 2006 she has devoted her life to volunteeringso many community activities, especially driving people to appointments. At the elementary school she still helps in a grade 3 classroom. She is also secretary to the hospital auxiliary association, and they hold bake sales where they make and sell their famous traditional pies. They also have a small shop in the hospital where they sell an assortment of things, and the proceeds go to buy equipment for the hospital.

The  members of the Cardston Council were fully aware of Katie's involvement, giving herself so generously and enthusiastically to so many good causes. It was a unanimous decision  to reward Katie for all her good work,  which she gave  so freely and  touched the lives of so many people. The Council decided that her work should be recognised by the community, and that she be awarded  Cardston’s Citizen of the Year.

Knowing Katie, she was so reluctant to accept this honour, for what she did for the community was out of the goodness of her heart. However, this gave the whole community the opportunity to say thank you to Katie in a very special way for all she had done for  its citizens.

    Well done, Katie, and congratulations from everyone here in Roy Bridge. You have done us proud!  God bless you.

(A member of the family promised to send a photograph of  

Katie receiving her award, but unfortunately, it still has not arrived.  Katie gets the Bulletin each week, and keeps to date with what is happening in  the parish, so I am sure she will read this!)

The Referendum
May the Holy Spirit guide the people of Scotland to vote for what is in the best interest of Scotland's future.

May we all  accept the people’s decision, whether yes or no, when it is announced early on Friday morning, and let us move on from there.

Monday—feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Following  after the feast of the Triumph of the Cross, it reminds us of the special part played by our Lady in offering her Son to the Father for the redemption of the world.

Anniversary: Archie MacFarlane, Spean Bridge, for whom the Saturday Vigil Mass will be said.

Rota September 20th - September 21st.

Roy Bridge
Readers; T. Sargent. R MacDonald

Prayers: R. Sidgwick,
Euch Mins: L. MacGregor, Betty Campbell, Helen MacDonald

Spean Bridge:    (Sept.20-21)

Reader: Liz Campbell

Prayers: David MacFarlane

Euch. Min: Moira Coutts, Liz Campbell