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Feast of the Most Holy Rosary—Tuesday, October  7th

The Church devotes a special feast to the rosary for it is such a powerful means of prayer that it encourages everyone to have devotion to the rosary.

When our Lady appeared at Lourdes, she told St. Bernadette that it was the prayer that pleased her most. At Fatima, when she speared to the three children, again she had the rosary in her hands.

In former years, the family rosary in the evening was very common when father, mother and children knelt down before a statue of our Lady and recited the rosary.

This brought God's blessing on the family and the protection and love of our Lady.  The saintly American priest, Fr Peyton, who preached devotion to the rosary all over the world, promised that the family that prayed together stayed together.

Every Catholic has a rosary somewhere in their possession, but how often is it used nowadays?  Fr Peyton used to say: don't’ let your rosary rust away, let it wear away with constant use!

How long does it take to say the rosary?  About 12 minutes - less than  the time for adverts that appear during a programme on TV!  Why not look out your rosary today,  give it a polish, and start off by saying just one decade a day, then gradually increase it. You will find that it makes such a difference in your life, bringing you closer to God and to Our Lady.  

The feast of the Holy Rosary in Lourdes this coming Tuesday, as always, is just an incredible day when the French take over most of Lourdes for themselves to honour Our Lady. I have been to Lourdes several times on  the feast of the Holy Rosary, and it is something your can never forget for the devotion to Our Lady is so loving and sincere. The sick are brought in their hundreds, accompanied by nurses, and they return home strengthened in their faith with new courage to carry their individual crosses.

Every time you say the rosary you always find something new in the mysteries that bring you closer to Our Lord and his mother.  Go on, look out your rosary today and get started! You won't regret it!

Synod in Rome on the Family

The Synod begins this week on Thursday, October 9th, and lasts for a fortnight. Pope Francis asks that we keep the Synod very much in our prayers that then Holy Spirit may guide all who take part to reach proposals which are compassionate yet within the teachings of the Church. The Synod will be composed of bishops, priests, married couples and single men and women representing the Church.  Pope Francis wants this to be as free a discussion as possible, and later, next year, the decisions will be made public. But most importantly,  the Synod on the Family will wish to remind us of the beauty of Christian marriage which is a covenant between a man and woman in a communion of love, fidelity and fruitfulness.

St. Joseph's, Spean Bridge

Finally, I managed to obtain a painter to undertake the exterior  painting of St. Joseph's which was beginning to suffer from the effects of the weather.  The work will probably be completed this coming week, and already the church is looking very smart and worthy of the dignity it should have as the house of God.

Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support makes £776.76

The magnificent sum was raised at the Macmillan Coffee Morning last Saturday in Roy Bridge Hall, organised by Mhairi Ross and ably supported by her mother, Barry Macintosh, and many other helpers. They wish to express their sincere thanks to all the generous friends who came along to support the event.

Since Roy Bridge Stores have closed, there is no outlet at the moment in the village where people can purchase The Braes.  Until further notice, you can obtain  your copy at the back of the church at St. Margaret’s

Rota October 11th October 12th

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Liz Campbell

Prayers: Lindsay Simpson

Euch. Mins: Moira Coutts, Liz Campbell

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Rory MacDonald, Dominic Sargent

Prayers; Tony Sargent

Euch Mins: Betty Campbell, Catrina MacDonald, Margaret Sargent