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Synod on the Family, taking place in Rome

The Synod on the Family is composed of bishops, priests, and at the express wish of Pope Francis, a strong percentage of married couples and men and women representing the faithful. It has been over a year in preparation, and dioceses throughout the Church received a questionnaire to be distributed to all the parishes to give people an opportunity to express their views.

Marriage is in crisis throughout the world, and the Synod will want to remind us of the beauty of Christian marriage which is a covenant between a man and woman in a communion of love, fidelity and fruitfulness.

It will also take a frank look at the problems which married couples experience in today’s world, especially the number of marriages which end in divorce, and how those in seemingly impossible situations can be reconciled to the Church and be able to receive the sacraments again.



POPE FRANCIS opened the first working session of the extraordinary synod of bishops on Monday, urging participants to speak fearlessly and listen humbly during two weeks of discussion of the "pastoral challenges of the family" .

Afterwards Hungarian Cardinal Peter Erd outlined some of the major challenges the bishops would discuss, including such controversial topics as cohabitation, divorce, birth control and the impact of social and economic pressures.

Pope Francis told more than 180 bishops and more than 60 other synod participants. :  “Let nobody say: 'I can't say this; they'll think such-and-such about me. Everyone needs to say what one feels duty-bound in the Lord to say: without respect for human considerations, without fear. And, at the same time, one must listen with humility and welcome with an open heart what the brothers say."

Francis recalled that, after a gathering of the world's cardinals in February, one cardinal told him others had hesitated to speak out for fear of disagreeing with the Pope. "This is no good, this is not synodality," the pope said.

It will be some time next year when the results of the synod will be known. Pope  Francis will be the ultimate judge of the deliberations which have taken place and he judge them with his compassion and mercy.

Rota October 18th - October 19th

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Margaret Muncie

Prayers: David MacFarlane

Euch. Mins. Moira Coutts, Liz Campbell

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Lorna MacGregor, Catrina MacDonald

Prayers: Richard Sidgwick

Euch.Mins: Nilda Hawke, Ishbel Campbell, Colleen Porter


We remember  in our prayers this weekend those whose anniversaries occur about this time:  Jessie MacInnes and Catherine Toal.

Eternal rest grant unto them.

The parish says  goodbye and thank you to Bishop Budd

Bishop Christopher has been so kind to say Sunday Mass for us at St. Margaret's during his three week’s  holiday in Roy Bridge. The parishioners have enjoyed so much his homilies and his humour, and we are all sorry to see him leave. However, he has offered to come for a fortnight in November to allow me to have a break, and I am most grateful to him.

Although he has now retired after 28 years as Bishop of Plymouth, which is an outstanding achievement, he has made himself available to help out in his former diocese where, like every other diocese, there is a shortage of priests. He serves the Scilly Isles in summer and winter, and looks after a small parish in between. He has been  invited by the priests of Southwark diocese to give them a retreat before Christmas, which is testimony of how highly he is regarded by the clergy.

Many thanks, Bishop Christopher, for your kindness and for your enjoyable company — all of which has been much appreciated. Happily this is only an au revoir and not goodbye.

Harvest Thanksgiving Mass—my sincere thanks to everyone

As always,  the generosity of the members this parish is outstanding, for this year there were more lovely gifts than ever placed below the altar, which were blessed by Bishop Budd.  May God bless you all for your goodness. I am also so grateful  to the parishioners who divided the gifts,  put them into bags so that every senior parishioner received a gift from the Harvest Festival. It was a lot of work to deliver the bags, and I was told later how much they enjoyed having a chat with parishioners, and also for the welcome they received.  

Pope Francis with one of the twenty couples he married recently at the Vatican.