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Some suggestions on how to keep Advent.



You will also find yourself being drawn to visit the Blessed Sacrament more frequently such is the power of the Eucharist.

3. Charities. There are worthwhile charities with which we may consider sharing some of the money we intend to spend on presents this Christmas; for example, Mary’s Meals, SCIAF. These are reliable and trusted charities that will ensure every penny you give goes tothe needy.

4. Silence.

Silence is a great blessing! Why not consider cutting back a little on watching television and use some of the time for spiritual reading, especially the Gospels? There are three lovely stories in the Old Testament that are great for beginners—Tobias, Esther and Ruth—all tear-jerkers,  far better than anything the soap operas can produce!

The whole of life is really an Advent, a preparation, a looking forward to that eternal union with Christ and the saints in heaven. Let us not appear before Our Lord empty handed at the end of our journey here on this earth. Try to make this one of your best Advents ever—and you will meet Christ on Christmas morning with a smile on your face and the of his love in your heart

1. Mass

Are you free in the mornings during the week? Why not come to a weekday mass.

If you come at 9.45 a.m. you can also join in the rosary which is said each morning before mass.

What better way to prepare for Christmas than by receiving our Lord in Holy Communion more frequently by assisting at a weekday Mass?

On Christmas Day, he will be a most welcome guest in a soul that has always shown him such hospitality, welcome and love

2.The Rosary.

If you cannot come to a weekday mass, then your rosary is a wonderful means to grow closer to Christ and to Mary, his mother. The three sets of mysteries relate the whole of Our Lord’s life, and also his closeness to his mother.
 Whoever says the rosary regularly will increase in their faith and love of Our Lord, grow closer to  Our  Lord and to Mary, his mother. If you are free, why not make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and  say your rosary there?

A child fascinated by the light and warmth of the candles on the Advent wreath. May this same light draw us closer to Christ.

Appeal today by the Xavarian Fathers

This weekend, a Xavarian priest will appeal to our parishioners for support of their missions throughout the world by our prayers and our generosity.

The order was founded by the Italian, Bishop Conforti, in honour of St. Francis Xavier, who was a companion of St. Ignatius of Loyola, and as a missionary reached as far as China and Japan in the 18th century.

The order spread quickly, and has now a presence on all the five continents. At the present moment, they are doing great work among those suffering an dying , From his efforts to make Christ known and loved, Conforti spent considerable time visiting parishes, but his main concern centred on religious formation. His spirituality was centered on the person of Christ. Christ was always present in his thoughts and in his heart. Christ was his constant companion in all the actions of his life. He took deep care of the clergy, promoted the religious education of the laity, supported the establishment and development of lay involvement in the Church, especially among the youth.

At the moment, the Xavarian missionaries are sharing the work of tending to the people of West Africa suffering and dying in their thousands from the  dreaded disease, Ebola.

This weekend  is a great opportunity in Advent to make a gift in the second collection to aid the great work of the missionary priests, nuns and lay people in the missions.

St. Guido Conforti,

Founder of the Xavarian fathers