Sunday November 30th. 2014                                                                                      Charity registration No. SC 002876

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St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's

The Church starts its new Liturgical Year this Sunday.

These next four weeks give us an opportunity to step aside a little from the mad rush up to Christmas and help us reflect on the true meaning of the feast of our Saviour's birth.

Despite the present recession, we still are very much aware that the commercial world continues to hi-jack the feast and uses it as a unique opportunity for more business to keep the tills ringing!

The adverts on television,  in the daily papers and magazines

promise us a really Christmas if we buy their products - most of them very expensive, and probably little used after the festive season is over!

Some comments in recent newspapers suggest that children get more enjoyment out of the cardboard boxes that contained the toys than the toys themselves!


There is an old Christmas rhyme, which is so true if we only stop and think about it

The poem seems a bit harsh, for surely Christmas is a time for rejoicing at our Saviour's birth? The danger for us Christians is that we too can get caught up in all the excitement and forget the true message of Christmas that God became man for us!

What should we change during these four weeks of Advent, as the poem suggests, that will assure that we give our Lord a better and more loving welcome into our souls at Midnight Mass and Christmas morning?

Advent wreath

The candles in the Advent wreath are not just a display to look cosy and nice in the church. They have a specific meaning  to help us make Advent a true preparation for Christmas.

The three purple candles are a reminder that we should try to do some little acts of penance or self-discipline and be less attached to material things—and to set aside some extra time for our prayer.

The pink candle is lit on the third Sunday of Advent. The Church tells us, “have a rest from your all efforts, and make it a day to rejoice in anticipation of Christ’s coming.”

The white candle is lit after the consecration at midnight Mass and Christmas Day completing the symbol of the Advent wreath. Christ, the Light of the World, has been born for us

The whole of life is really an Advent, a preparation, a looking forward to that eternal union with Christ and the saints in heaven. May we go forth with joy at the end of our pilgrim journey here on earth into the presence of God, and rejoice with Our Lady and all the angels and saints

Try to make this one of your best Advents ever—and you will meet Christ on Christmas morning with a smile on your face and the warmth of his love in your heart..

May the prayer of the Israelites, who so longed for the coming of Messiah down the centuries, which is the prayer of the Church during these Advent days, be our personal prayer also


The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;  upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone

If I could do, what e'er I wish to do,

To make complete your perfect Christmas Day,

I would not give one single thing to you,

But I would come and take some things away

Visiting Confessor, Sunday before Christmas, December 21st

Our visiting confessor for this coming Christmas will be Fr. Roddy MacAulay, Caol. Times will be announced later.