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Welcome, Muirean, into the world  - with your happy parents

November 8th-November 9th

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Lindsay Simpson

Prayers: David MacFarlane

Euch. Mins Moira Coutts,  Liz Campbell

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Ishbel Campbell, Richard Sidgwick

Prayers: Rory MacDonald

Euch. Mins: Nilda Hawke, Margaret Watt, Colleen Porter

Bishop Budd to take care of the parish while I am on holiday.

Bishop  Christopher recently spent a few weeks on holiday in Roy Bridge, and he very kindly offered to come back  and supply to let me off for two Sundays. He will be arriving on Monday evening, November 10th, and I will leave on the Tuesday and return late Sunday, November 23rd.  

Our parishioners will be delighted to have Bishop Christopher in charge of the parish, as they know him so well from his previous visits, and he is so happy to be  back again in Roy Bridge and Lochaber, which he loves very much.

Now that he is retired, after being Bishop of Plymouth for 28 years, he still wishes to help in his former diocese, and looks after the Scilly Isles in the summer and in the winter months. He is based in a little parish at Lyme Regis where he is happy to say mass for the parishioners. I know our parishioners will welcome Bishop Christopher and make themselves known to him.

 I won’t be going to any far off exotic places, but simply to spend some time on my niece and her husband’s farm, which is on the Inverness side of Perth, close to Stanley.

Dougie and Deirdre chose Muireann for the name for their new baby daughter since they love both the sound and meaning. It's a very old name so the exact derivation is unsure, but its has muir (sea) as the root and it means either sea-strong or sea-beloved. There is a tradition that Muireann is the modern form of St Murgen, a mermaid who appeared to one of St Comgall's followers while sailing to Rome to meet the first Pope Gregory. She was taken back to St. Comgall in Ireland who gave her the choice to die immediately and go straight to heaven, or to live 300 years in the sea and then go to heaven.

She chose to die immediately, and was given her holy status as a result. She has several miracles associated with her. The story probably has its roots in the time when Celtic stories and Christianity were getting interwoven to make the "new religion" "palatable" to the Irish and early Scots. The thinking about St Murgen is that she may actually have been a religious hermit living on a small island, and the early missionaries probably saw the perfect opportunity to embellish things a wee bit to win over the wavering converts!

We wish Muirean every blessing and happiness, and may St. Murgen look after her from heaven.