Sunday November 2nd. 2014                                                                                     Charity registration No. SC 002876

St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's
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Collection for the Mission  £487

Once again, you have shown your great love for the Missions, and this year by your very  generous response to the appeal to help the young Church in Mongolia. The bishop, whose diocese is the whole of Mongolia,  and his few priests, need all the help they can get to evangelise the people and bring them the good news of Jesus Christ. Already, they have had a very encouraging response, and the family in the photo are among the first of the converts and have become deeply involved in the church and helping to spread the faith. The bishop’s cathedral is a yurt, a large skin tent, which can hold a large number of people. Your gift will help them some day to have a proper building worthy of a cathedral.


The  Lenten collection for SCIAF, plus the Wee Boxes, came to am amazing total this year of £899! The collection was  £524, and the total for the Wee Boxes and donations came to £375.  May God bless you for all your goodness and your great generosity.

November Lists for the Dead

You will find November lists and envelopes at the back of the church. Should you wish your loved ones to be remembered in all the Masses said during the month of November, write down their names, and return the envelope as soon as possible.

During the month, the lists are placed on a small table beside the altar with a lighted candle to remind us that the souls of our loved ones are living in the presence of Christ.

Any offerings will go to the work of the church.

A plenary indulgence for the holy souls may be gained on All Souls Day by visiting a church and praying for the Holy Father’s intentions.

In Hospital

Ken Jones will be remembered very specially in all our Masses and prayers this weekend as his condition has deteriorated and it is just a matter of time until God calls him to himself.  We remember Tina especially in our prayers, and also her family, Catherine, Kenny and Elaine, that God may give them strength and comfort at this difficult time.

Cille Choirill Mass today at 3 p.m.

This is the final Mass of the year, and it coincides with the feast of All Souls. Mass will be offered for all who lie at rest in the cemetery and also for all our loved ones that they may now share in the joy Christ’s resurrection.  Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Heating for our churches

We hope to have heating oil delivered in the next few weeks, and thanks to the !00 Club we can meet all the costs out of the funds.  
The price of oil has now fallen from  62 pence per litre to 49 pence, so this makes a great difference.

Thankfully, we can assure that our parishioners are kept nice and warm, even in the  coldest of weather. It is a joy to see some taking off their coats when they come into church so as not to be overheated!

Xavarian Fathers Missionary Appeal

Each year missionary orders are allowed to make an appeal in churches throughout Scotland. This year the Xavarian Fathers will come to our parish at the end of the month to ask for our prayers and for our help. It is always interesting to listen to the work and experiences of these priest in the Missions.

Feasts of November

8th– Blessed John Dun Scotus, (Scots theologian,12th century) defender of our Lady’s Immaculate Conception

11th  - St. Martin of Tours, friend of St. Patrick.  21st. -Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sunday 23rd - Christ the King.  30th—1st Sunday of Advent.  Dec.1st—St. Andrew