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St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's

Feast of the Ascension, Thursday May 29th, Holy Day of Obligation

Masses:  Roy Bridge 10 a.m. Spean Bridge 7.30 p.m.

Bidding a final farewell to a loved one is not easy, and is something we never fully grow accustomed to.The Ascension marks the end of Christ's earthly mission and his return to his Father. He had achieved the work he was sent to do.  While the angels awaited his coming with joy, the apostles must have felt a deep sadness in their hearts at his departure.His final words to them were a comfort but also an urgent message to continue the work of the past three years:“I am with you always.Go now and make disciples of all nations,”.Jesus was not abandoning them nor depriving them of his presence, but he was entrusting them with the mission of making the love of God the Father known throughout the world- a seemingly impossible task! Apostles now had a vital and essential role to play in announcing the salvation Christ which he won by his death on the Cross transforming the sadness of death into the dawn of a new life in heaven. will no longer now be present in a human body, but his place  will be taken by the Holy Spirit in his new body, the Church, which will be their guide and strength throughout life.

 If we ponder within our hearts the meaning of this great feast, we may come to grasp something of the confidence which God has in us because the Ascension focuses on what we also must do to be with Christ forever. Where he has gone, we hope to follow. Like the apostles, we are now at the centre of the stage and our call is also to service. We are to continue the work of those who have gone before us and help build up Christ's kingdom. In a world full of so many problems we can help in our own simple way to try to turn sorrow into happiness by being his comforting word and his assuring smile. Our lives may be the only book of the gospel open for people to read. Francis, our Holy Father, has preached this so urgently since he was elected Pope. He said: What we are, speaks more loudly than either what we say or what we do. Our Christian vocation is to strive to be Christ to others and to see Christ in others simply because we are part of a missionary Church, which was missionary from the very beginning and will be until the end of time. As Pope Francis reminds us, Jesus is counting on us. Our prayer is that Our Lord will renew within us the work of the Spirit so that we may know what is true and have the strength to do what is right

You are writing a gospel, a chapter each day

By the deeds that you do and the words that you say.

Men read what you write, whether false or true,

Now what is the gospel according to you?