Sunday May 11th. 2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

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Prayer for Vocations

O Lord, my God, you renew the Church in every age by raising up priests outstanding in holiness, living witnesses of your unchanging Love. In your plan for our salvation, you provide shepherds for your people.
Fill the hearts of young men with the spirit of courage and love that they may answer your call generously.
Give parents the grace to encourage vocations in their family by prayer and good example.
Raise up worthy priests for your altars and ardent, but gentle servants of the Gospel. Give the Church more priests and keep them faithful in their love and service. May many young men choose to serve you by devoting themselves to the service of your people.  Amen

Vocations Sunday Feast of the Good Shepherd

This feast is more important than ever because of the shortage of priests in many parts of the world, and this applies especially to the Church in Scotland where we are seriously affected by the lack of priests to minister to the faithful. Parishes are being closed or amalgamated, and where there were several priests in one parish, now one priest has to run two, and sometimes, three parishes or Mass centres. Our own diocese is now beginning to feel the shortage of priests, as some of the clergy are elderly

Our Lord’s words are just as true today : The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send more labourers into the harvest.

We should make it an urgent request in our prayers to Almighty God that his call  will be listened to by young men that they may have the generosity of heart to respond by offering their lives to serve him in the priesthood. This call has also been heard by late vocations, men who have decided to alter their course of life and asked to be accepted to study for the priesthood. Fr Tony Woods, parish priest of Arisaig, is a late vocation. While on holiday in Campbeltown at his brother’ home, he heard an appeal for late vocations from bishop Murray read out from the pulpit.  He met the bishop, was accepted and studied for four years at a special seminary in Rome for late vocations, and was ordained last July in Oban. He was appointed parish priest of Arisaig parish, and at the moment he is also caring for Moidart parish, since Fr. McLachlan is in  hospital recovering from a  fall.  His priesthood has been of immense value to our diocese. so let us pray that other young men may consider doing what Fr Tony Woods did, and has brought such great blessings to the people providing them with mass and the sacraments


To educate a student for the priesthood in Rome costs about £12,000 a year, and this is a considerable amount for our small diocese. It is good that we should try to build up the fund so that there will always be sufficient to provide for any new vocations to the priesthood.