Sunday March 30th.. 2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's

Charles Sidgwick R.I.P

We offer our sincere sympathy to Richard Sidgwick whose only brother, Charles, died in Oban Hospital on Friday after a short illness.  

Richard and Charles have always been very close, especially since the death some years ago of their brother Ian. We also extend our deepest sympathy to Charles’s wife and daughters that God may comfort them at the loss of their loved one  at such an early age of 62 years.

The 11.30 a,m, Mass in St. Margaret’s today will be said for the repose of Charles’s  good and gentle soul and for all the family that God may grant them his consolation and strength in their loss.  May he rest in peace.

Our Sick

We pray for Bertha Jones, who recently spent a week in the Belford Hospital and was allowed home on Friday, that her health may continue to improve.

Angus Campbell continues bravely at home to overcome his disability, and is lovingly cared for by his sisters Ishbel and Sally.  His general health is very good, but he is restricted in his movements because of severe arthritis in his knees which prevents him at the moment from getting out and about in his car. Angus is always so cheerful, with a great sense of humour, and we pray that God may grant him renewed health and strength.

The parishioners at Invergarry always  inquire about Angus as he often went to Sunday morning Mass at St. Finnan's and was well known to everyone.


The fourth Sunday of Lent is SCIAF SUNDAY when we have our special Lenten collection at Mass for the work of SCIAF in the third world.

This year their attention is focused on Colombia, South America, to help  people whose lives are being seriously affected by the greed of exploiters who are cutting down large areas of the rain forests and depriving many communities of their living. Not only will our collection, plus the total of the WEE BOXES, help to provide the people with food and the necessary implements to assist them with their farming,  but will also help them legally to defend themselves against all the exploitation. This collection is an essential part of our Lenten almsgiving

Chrism Mass in the Cathedral next week on Wednesday, April 9th, at 7 p.m.
At this Mass two important things happen: all the priests present renew their priestly vows which they made on the day of their ordination, and the sacred oils are blessed which will be used for the administration of the sacraments in all the parishes throughout the year.



 During the Mass, which takes its name from one of the oils, Chrism, the three oils are blessed:

Chrism—which is used for baptism, confirmation and the ordination of priests and bishops.

Baptism—which is used to anoint the child at baptism, or an adult being received into the Church who has not previously been baptised

Sick—this is used to administer the sacrament to the sick, a sacrament which brings strength, peace, and sometimes healing, to thesick person.

These oils will be used in our parish throughout the year for the babies who will be baptised and the sick who will be anointed.

Palm Sunday is a fortnight today when we begin our final week of intense union with Our Lord in his sacred Passion.

If you feel you have not made a special effort for Lent so far, remember, it is never too late to start so that we can truly rejoice with our Lord at his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Lindsay Simpson

Prayers: Liz Campbell

Euch. Mins: David MacFarlane Moira Coutts

Roy Bridge:

Readers:  Rory MacDonald,  Dominic Sargent

Prayers: Tony Sargent

Euch Mins: Betty Campbell, Catrina MacDonald,

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