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Anniversary of Bishop Colin McPherson, March 24, 1990

Bishop Colin MacPherson’s anniversary is on the eve of the feast of the Annunciation, for he died unexpectedly on March 24, 1990, twenty-four years ago. The 11.30 a.m. Mass on Sunday will be said for the repose of his soul. He lived in Spean Bridge for some time as this was central for him as Knoydart was part of his very extensive parish.

Bishop Colin was born in South Uist on August 5, 1917, where his father was the renowned headmaster of Daliburgh school. He studied in Rome and was ordained a priest on March 23, 1940. He managed to get home before the hostilities got worse and Italy entered the war.

The Knoydart Land Grab and Fr. MacPherson. Fr MacPherson served as parish priest in Knoydart, where he is still remembered with affection, and also nationally, for the stand he took in leading the seven ex-service men of Knoydart, championing their cause when they made a land grab, staking out their claim to start farming on Lord Brocket’s vast estate on Knoydart peninsula, much of it lying useless. The case became of national interest, for it stirred the heart of every highlander who remembered the injustices of the Highland Clearances, especially in Knoydart, and the fiery cross was sent through the land. Brocket could not stand the criticisms levied against him, and he took refuge in England, and placed the situation in the hands of his legal adviser.  After a legal battle, the men were badly let down by the law which decide in favour of landowners.

What made things worse was Lord Brocket’s alleged pro-Nazi sympathies and his involvement pre-war with Hitler.   In 1938 he was present in Germany for the Nazi Party rally at Nuremberg. He was also a guest of honour at Hitler’s birthday party in April, 1939. Several of Hitler’s Nazi Ministers were reported to have visited Knoydart as guests of Brocket. He was an enthusiastic member of the AGF, the Anglo-German Fellowship. In fact, early on in the war, there were rumours of German submarines being seen off Knoydart.

 Pope Paul V1 chose Fr Colin to succeed Bishop McGill as Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, and he was ordained bishop in St. Columba’s Cathedral, Oban on February 6, 1969.  He was a very kindly bishop whose whole personality radiated the warmth of his Hebridean background. He did much to reorganise the diocesan finances, and was very pastoral in his care of the priests and people of the diocese. His death on 24th March, 1990, after a short illness, at the age of 73, came as a great shock to all who knew and loved him. He is laid to rest beside his brother bishops at Pennyfuir cemetery, Oban  May he rest in peace.

Your reading for Lent

There are still copies of Pope Francis’ excellent book, Joy of the Gospel,  his own personal reflections, for sale at the back of the church. Have you read anything spiritual during Lent? If not, then the Joy of the Gospel will give you the opportunity. You will be able to say at end of Lent you have really done something special by reading this book and come to know our Lord better and also have a better understanding of the virtues of love and humility so evident in Our Lord’s life in the Gospels— and which Pope Francis has put into practice in  his own life as an example to us all.

It’s the best £7  you could spend during Lent. Millions of copies have already been sold in several languages all over the world, and  people are telling one another how it has helped them immensely.  Spend Lent with Pope Francis as you read his book, The Joy of the Gospel

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Chrism Mass:

The Mass of Chrism will be celebrated in the Cathedral on Wednesday 9th April at 7pm.

Bishop Joseph asks the clergy to make every effort to encourage their parishioners to be present for this Mass when the oils will be blessed that are used for baptisms, confirmations, the sick and ordinations.


We remember in our prayers this weekend Kathleen Millen whose anniversary is at this time. Mass will be said for Kathleen in the near future when all the family will be able to be present. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord.

Ian McHugh phoned to tell me of the sad news of the death of his mother, Margaret McHugh,  on Friday evening. She and her husband James, (brother of Joe, Murlaggan) were married for 66 years. We send our deepest sympathy to James, his three sons and daughter and their families that God may comfort them in the loss of such a devoted, good mother. May she rest in peace.

Spean Bridge

Reader: Margaret Muncie

Prayers: Lindsay Simpson

Euch, Mins; Moira Coutts David MacFarlane

Roy Bridge:
Readers: Catrina MacDonald Helen MacDonald

Prayers: Nilda Hawke

Euch. Mins: Ishbel Campbell, Lorna MacGregor, Rory MacDonald

Rota: March 29th - March 30th

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