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St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's

March 5th — the beginning of Lent

Masses on Ash Wednesday

Roy Bridge 10 a.m.

Spean Bridge 7.30 p.m.

Ash Wednesday is also a day of fasting and abstinence

The old meaning of the word Lent is Spring. We hope with the worst of winter behind us, we can now start looking forward to the coming of Spring and new life appearing in our gardens and countryside once again.

 In the winter months, everything seemed so dead in the world, yet, under the influence of the warmth of the sun, snowdrops are already out, and the daffodils herald the coming of Easter on April 21st, the Resurrection of Christ, followed by the leaves on the trees, and the various bushes slowly blossoming—until the kaleidoscope of nature bursts forth in all its beauty.

It is so marvellous what the power of God can do in nature, but he can achieve much more in our own souls with the power of his grace, and help change our spiritual lives from apathy to a new spring in our relationship with him.

Lent is a time of great grace to alter our lives

          Lent need not be dreary!

 If Lent means Springtime, then far from being a sad and dreary period of six weeks, it is a time when can find new happiness by renewing both our spiritual and physical health and rejoice with Christ at his resurrection.

First of all, choose only ONE act of penance you wish to practise during Lent,

Then add to this the prayers you wish to accompany it— perhaps a weekday Mass, or Stations of the Cross, or saying your rosary each day, or putting time aside from watching TV to read a chapter of  gospels each day.  

There are so many things we can choose to do during these six weeks to make Lent truly profitable for our souls.

 Let’s all go for it as a parish and make it a  GREAT LENT!