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Feast of St. Patrick, Monday, March 17th

We wish all our parishioners of Irish origin every blessing on Monday, St. Patrick’s  feast day. The Catholic Church all over the world owes so much to the Irish emigrants who had to leave their homeland to seek a better life else because of persecution, and also because of the terrible blight in 1848 which destroyed the potato crops on which most rural families depended for their food. But they also brought with them their deep faith which future generations maintained  and passed on to their families. The faith in Scotland benefited so much from the thousands of Irish who came here seeking jobs. From their generosity, despite their poverty,  churches were built, and they also supplied clergy to serve in the parishes.

Today, many of the children of these have reached the heights in many of the professions. What is true of Scotland is also true of America, Canada and Australia where the Irish continue to have such an influence in these countries. Many came to work in Lochaber to build dams, tunnels and pipelines for the aluminium factory at Fort William. These men were highly prized because of their skill and their workmanship, which is still evident today after almost 90 years. Our own parish benefited from the Irish families who came to seek work here and set down their roots — and are still with us today. Sadly, in these days many young Irish people are seeking a more secure life in other countries because of a temporary downturn in Ireland’s economy. What is Ireland's loss is other countries’ gains, but we pray that better conditions may yet prevail to stop this exodus with the hope that many may yet return to their homeland. May St. Patrick take care of all his Irish children.  A happy feast day to you all!

Suggested reading for Lent,

Pope Francis’ personal reflections on

The Joy of the Gospel  

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The Joy of the Gospel has already sold millions of copies as people want to know Pope Francis’ personal thoughts on  the Gospels. He writes in a simple style that is attractive and easily understood, much different from papal encyclicals which are often couched, by necessity,  in a formal language, and he helps us in his book to reach  the very heart of Christ's teachings which will help change our lives.

We all spend a lot of time reading  newspapers, books of various decriptions, and also watching TV.  St. Ignatius discovered while he was convalescing from his battle wounds that, although he enjoyed reading certain books, he did not seem to benefit from them. When he was given books on  the lives of the saints, he soon became aware of their richness and their lasting effects on his soul which altered his whole life and inspired him to give his life to God. As a result, he founded the Company of Jesus, the Jesuits, a religious order that achieved  immense success in the missions, especially in the middle East, where his companion, St. Francis Xavier, brought the faith to people as far away as Japan, a faith that still thrives today after five hundred years.

If you make it part of your Lenten resolution to put aside some time each day to do a little spiritual reading—for example, the Joy of the Gospel, or the  Bible or other spiritual books, you can be sure that this will  have a profound effect on your own spiritual life and your relationship with God.

Some one said regarding our diet:  We are what we eat. The same may also be said about our literature: we are what we read.

 A week of Lent has already gone by  and I wonder how we are doing about our prayers, our acts of penance and our almsgiving. These were the three  most important things mentioned by our Lord in the Gospel of Ash Wednesday to help us  make a sincere and good Lent. Let’s go for it as a parish!

A reminder of Lenten Liturgy:  Roy Bridge:  Masses 10 a.m.—Monday, Wednesday(7.30 p.m.). and Friday.

                                                  Spean Bridge. Masses 10 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday

Stations of the Cross:              Roy Bridge: Sunday 6 p.m. and Wednesday evening 7.30 p.m. followed by Mass

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Liz Campbell

Prayers: David MacFarlane

Euch, Mins; Moira Coutts David MacFarlane

Roy Bridge:
Readers: Val MacDonald

Prayers: Helen Mac Donald

Euch. Mins: Ian Mac Donald, Lorna MacGregor Nilda Hawke

Rota: March 22nd - March 23rd

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