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“Bishop Joseph Toal got a surprise at his farewell mass in his home parish of Roy Bridge as a parishioner came forward and presented him with a Motherwell shirt with Bishop on the back”   Motherwell Times


from this week’s Tablet, a Catholic weekly Journal

commenting on Bishop Toal’s homily.

Pope Francis would like priests to have the "smell of the sheep" so he will be pleased to hear that the new Bishop of Motherwell is a shepherd who has literally tended his flock. In his installation homily on Monday, Bishop Joseph Toal, formerly of Argyll and the Isles, said that while he was parish priest at St Michael's, Ardkenneth, the most northerly spot on the island of South Uist, he looked after sheep that belonged to the parish. A spokesman said Bishop Toal fed the sheep and on a number of occasions had a go at shearing them.

 However, he drew a line when it came to lambing and called in an expert.

This photo of Lorna MacGregor presenting a Motherwell football strip to Bishop Toal at his farewell Mass in Roy Bridge, appeared in both the  Motherwell Times and Hamilton Advertiser, thanks to Lorna Weir!

Lorna, who is secretary at Spean Primary School, and also runs our village shop and Café with her husband Raymond and their staff, belongs to Motherwell and thought that the readers of the above papers would enjoy the humour of the gift to the new bishop of Motherwell diocese. She contacted Anthony MacMillan, photographer, and the local press were delighted to have the photograph to add their report of Bishop Toal’s installation.

Archbishop Tartaglia invited Bishop Joseph Devine to pass on his crozier to Bishop Toal, as symbol of his being installed as the new bishop of Motherwell and assuming all the responsibilities of tending to the faith and needs of the flock.

Bishop Devine retired last year after reaching the age of 75 years,  Bishop Toal was appointed administrator of the  diocese by Pope Francis until a new bishop would be chosen.

A very moving moment at the end of the Mass on Monday evening was the tribute that Bishop Joseph paid to his late father, and also to his mother who was present in the congregation with all her family. She received a beautiful bouquet of flowers—and a kiss—from her son.