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Feast of the Blessed Trinity

For many of us, long  before we had  our first lesson  in religion, or  learned to say the Our  Father or recite the  Hail Mary, our parents  us how to bless  ourselves and make  the sign of the cross  they said the  words, “In the name  of the Father and of  the Son and of the  Holy Spirit. Amen.”  This symbol of our  faith in God as One  in three persons sums  up the feast we are celebrating today. It speaks to us of the  unbeautiful mystery of God and is the very basis which is the source of our hope and joy.   

Our understanding of three persons in One God came only   gradually. This was an something which we  could never have discovered on our own, and even after  having been told we still have no full  understanding of how this  can be. Our knowledge of the Trinity comes from what Jesus  said and did while he was here on earth when he, ever so   carefully and gradually, made known his relationship to God   the Father and the Holy Spirit.  

Trinity Sunday celebrates the wonderful mystery of God  who is our Creator, Saviour and Sanctifier and is the centre  of love, which overflows to the whole of creation. The three  persons in the Trinity are so enveloped in each other that  they are perfectly one. Love begins in the Father who  created us and cares so deeply about us that he sent his   only Son into the world as a brother who died for our sakes, and is poured out into our hearts by the  love of the Holy Spirit who sanctifies  us.

Their closeness is a model for the relationships  we must have as Christians for one another — going out to  each other in a spirit of love and unity.

We received all the sacraments in the name of the Blessed Trinity:

Baptism: we were baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who came to dwell within our souls. At the river Jordan, the Trinity was present when Jesus was baptised—the of the Father the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, and Jesus the Son of God..

Confirmation:  We were sealed with the Holy in the name of the Trinity, and the grace we received in baptism is strengthened within us to give witness to God in a world that is becoming ever more irreligious and secular. This is the commitment of a young person to serve God faithfully throughout their life.

Confession: We are absolved from our sins in the name of the , and their love is poured into our soul. Should we have sinned seriously, the life of grace is restored to our souls, and once again the Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell within our hearts.  These words: Go in peace, your sins are forgiven. bring so much peace to a soul.

The:There is the abiding presence of the Holy Trinity in the person of Jesus. At Mass, we offer the gift of the to theFather through the Holy Spirit. At Holy Communion,  we possess the most precious gift,  Jesus, who is in the Father and the Holy Spirit.  We have the joy of the Blessed Trinity within our hearts.

Marriage: A man and woman are joined together and become body in the name of Blessed Trinity. This most sacred union on earth, is blessed by God to become fruitful through their love of God and for each other.

Ordination to the priesthood: A young man receives the character of Christ  in the name of the Trinity, so that when he  administers the sacraments, he does so in persona Christi, in the person of Christ. This power of the Holy Trinity abiding within him in a special way, assures us of the sacraments, especially the holy Eucharist, are made available to us


Sacrament of the Sick and the Dying: The sick and dying receive these sacraments—confession, anointing, holy communion, final blessing - all administered in the name of the Trinity to bring them peace. In the final prayer the priest says: Go forth,  O Christian soul out of this world, in the name of God the Father who created you, in the name of Jesus Christ who redeemed you and in  the name of the Holy spirit who sanctified you,. May you be with Christ this day in paradise. Amen