Sunday June 1st. 2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's
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Spean Bridge:

Reader: David MacFarlane

Prayers Liz Campbell

Euch Mins: Moira Coutts, David MacFarlane

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Rory MacDonald Dominic Sargent

Prayers: Tony Sargent

Euch Mins: Betty Campbell, Catrina MacDonald

Margaret Sargent

Rota: June 7th. - June 8th.

Mass at Cille Choirill next Sunday, June 8th at 3 p.m.

First Holy Communions in the Autumn

We are hoping to begin lessons  next week to prepare our children to make their First Holy Communion in the Autumn. We will make a good start during June, and be ready to continue when the children return to school after their summer holidays.

I am grateful to our Catechists for their dedication,  and if any parishioners would like to volunteer to help with the children's catechism next school term,

I would be very grateful for your help.  Please let me know.

There will be Mass next Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, at Cille Choirill at 3 p.m.

I would be grateful if you let all your relations and friends know about the Mass

I will ask the local clergy to advertise the Mass.

This is the first mass of the season, and we hope to have Mass every six weeks until the beginning of November. It will be said for all the Holy Souls

Day for Life,  Feast of the Visitation — Our Lady’s visit to her cousin  St. Elizabeth

Each year, the feast of the Visitation is devoted by the Church to a DAY FOR LIFE, protecting and cherishing life at all stages from conception  to death.

Pope Francis knows and loves young people. At World Youth Day in Rio last year, the he spoke to more than 3 million  young people: "Young hearts want to build a better world." He urged them not to be mere observers of life, but to get involved. Jesus did not remain an observer, but he immersed himself. Don't be observers, but immerse yourself in the reality of life, as Jesus did.

In this year's Day for Life message, the Bishops of Scotland follow in the footsteps of Pope Francis and invite everyone to get involved in caring for, nurturing and protecting life at every stage and in every condition. This is especially urgent in our own country this year when attempts are being made to legalise assisted suicide.

To young people especially we want to say Live life from its beginning, from the unborn child  in its mother’s womb to life’s natural end. In a throwaway culture, it is easy for life to be undervalued.  

Please take a leaflet which you will find at the back of the church. There will be a special collection next Sunday to assist the campaign for a Day for Life.

Tom Reynolds R.I.P

Mark’s father, Tom, who died suddenly last week, will be buried tomorrow from his native parish  of  Carluke.

Our Mass on Monday morning will be said about the same time for the repose of Tom's soul. and that God may comfort Mark and his brother, Paul, in the loss of a father whom they cherished so much.  May he rest in peace.

We hope to have a Mass for the family later in the month when they can all be present

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