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Sunday January 26th. 2014                                                                                          Charity registration No. SC 002876

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Congratulations to Michelle Wardlaw

After three years of intense study, Michelle has achieved her ambition with distinction to be a highly qualified professional staff nurse.

Michelle was in her final year at Lochaber High School when her mother returned home after major surgery. She thought she would like to do something practical in gratitude for her mother’s  operation, and decided to raise funds for medical research. The fashion show which she planned and produced at Lochaber High School, with the enthusiastic  help of other pupils, was an immense success and resulted in several thousand of pounds. The rector wrote a personal letter to her mother, praising Michelle for her organising skills, and saying the school was very proud of the highly professional evening which she had produced.

But things did not turn out for Michelle as she hoped, for she wished to do a university course in marketing, using her new-found skills.
Yet, God works in different ways. She would, no doubt, have completed the course successfully, but there are so many graduates nowadays coming out of university unable to find a job for which they spent years studying and are now doing something entirely different.

Nursing was suggested to Michelle by her vocations director, and, perhaps, he had remembered her efforts to raise funds by her fashion show to help medical research. Today, Michelle is a theatre staff nurse in the neurosurgery  department of the Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, one of the foremost neurosurgery hospitals in Britain.

Michelle was asked by our local paper, The Braes, to write a short article about her career, which appeared in this month's edition, and appears below. Michelle is to be congratulated on her beautifully written article.

"When I moved to Glasgow three years ago, I had no idea what to expect. I was excited and nervous at the same time about moving to a city, living in a flat with friends and starting my nursing course. I arrived in a city where you could step out your door, go to a bus stop and a bus would arrive within five minutes! People were friendly and nice and were always interested to hear where you came from.

Everything happened very quickly at the beginning of my course, and before I knew it I was in my first placement and finally seeing what my life would be like as a nurse. My course was split into two parts, half theory, half practical. The practical side was the part I enjoyed most. Some placements I had tested me emotional and physically. I saw patients come to the end of their lives, people being told they had terminal cancer and others in a lot of pain. That was hard to manage. These were the things that I struggled with, but then I would see so much love between family and friends pulling together through hard times, people being told they had the all clear and others just happy that you had been there for them through their time of need.

In total I had nine placements. It was during my placement in theatres that I knew this was the type of nursing that I wanted to do and I was lucky enough to then get a job there. Glasgow was

definitely the city in which I wanted to start my career. I love the city and the people who are there. The patients that come through the door always have interesting stories to tell and appreciate the job that you are doing.

I started my job as an anaesthetic nurse in Glasgow at the end of October and that's when I realised when the real learning would start! My job consists of ensuring that we have all the correct details about the patient before they go for their procedure, helping the anaesthetist put them to sleep and being there to support them through their experience. Every day is very exciting as the procedures being carried out are all either brain surgery or operations on the patient's head and neck. I feel so lucky that I am doing a job that I love and my time at university has paid off!

(May I add this is much more rewarding both for Michelle and her patients than marketing!  Editor)

Second collection today to help with the expenses of producing the Bulletin

Welcome to Fr Peter

We welcome Fr. Peter back to Roy Bridge where he is spending the weekend with Peter and Hazel Rose and the family.

Fr Peter has very kindly offered to say the 11.30 a.m. Mass today, and I know he will received a warm welcome from the parishioners.

He is just a week too early this year as he is missing the Burns Supper next Saturday. He is no mean piper, and has piped in the haggis on  several occasions.


We remember at Mass and in our prayers this weekend, Willie MacKintosh, Murlaggan, whose anniversary is at this time. Mass will be said on Monday for the repose of his gentle soul.  May he rest in peace.

St. Francis de Sales feast day was last Friday. He was a a wise counsellor. One of his sayings was: You will attract more bees with a spoonful of honey than a barrel full of vinegar. Something to remember when dealing with problem people.