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Sunday January 26th. 2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

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100 Club subscriptions due

It’s too hot in our churches for penguins to go to Mass!

Subscriptions are now due for renewal, and will come just in time to help top our tanks with heating oil to make sure that our parishioners are kept warm for all the many services during Lent and leading to Easter.

There are envelopes at the back of the church which you may wish to use. These can be returned by putting them in the collection basket on Sundays. If you use another envelope, please make sure that it is marked “100 Club”.

All cheques should be made out to St. Margaret’s 100 Club.

Thanks to the 100 Club, and your generosity in supporting it, our churches have been kept lovely and warm during these winter months. The warmth has also helped to maintain the fabric by keeping it free from damp and condensation during the extreme wet weather we have had.  We thank God for the mild winter so far—bulbs are beginning to appear, and the birds are singing very early — but there is very often a sting in the tail of January, and February can also take us unawares.

Renewal of annual subscriptions £15