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Sunday January 19th. 2014                                                                                         Charity registration No. SC 002876

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Liz Campbell

Prayers:  Margaret Muncie

Euch Mins: Moira Coutts, David MacFarlane.

Roy Bridge:

Readers:  Catrina MacDonald  Ishbel Campbell

Prayers: Lorna MacGregor

Euch Mins; Nilda Hawke, Richard Sidgwick, Rory MacDonald

Rota  January 25th. - January 26th.

The Bulletin will be back to its full size in colour next week with all the news of the parish.

Collection for the Bulletin.  It is almost a year since we had the last collection to help me meet the expense of printing the Bulletin, which comes to a considerable amount for paper and charge per copy by the firm who supplies the machine.  Infact, this is the only collection in the year that we have for the parish. All the other  14 collections go either to the Church's international charities or to the diocese.

I am grateful to Margaret Muncie for the lovely article she wrote for this month’s edition of The Braes on behalf of St. Joseph's parishioners. Margaret has not lost her journalistic skills.

Unfortunately, because of business involvement Thomas MacDonald will not be able to attend the Burns Supper this year. However, his mother, Christine, who is always present in the kitchen at the Burns Supper, will ensure that everything runs smoothly, and the haggis is cooked to perfection..

Our thoughts will be very much with Ann MacKintosh who was always responsible for the successful organisation of the Burns Supper.

Ceilidh & Dance

Once again we thank Deirdre Beck (MacDonald) for offering to organise the ceilidh, and it promises to be a super evening’s entertainment. Deirdre will be bringing some of her own star pupils to play and dance.

Help us make it a GREAT RAFFLE

The committee will be most grateful for any gifts you wish to contribute towards the Raffle. These can be handed in any time at the Chapel House or at the Hall on the night of the Burns Supper .

As always, we look forward to the Lochaber Strathspey and Reel Society whose unique sound of fiddles, accordions and drums has every toe in the hall tapping.

The dance will follow the raffle, and you are assured of a great night of dancing with Ian Joseph and his own unique band.

We are grateful to Thomas Wynne, (Wynne the Butchers,) for his gift of haggis to the parish each year for our Burns Supper.

Our Raffle is one of the highlights of the Burns Supper which always brings in a large amount of money —

thanks to your generosity.

We will be grateful for:

● Bottles of spirits and wine,

● Boxes of chocolates,

●unwanted Christmas presents,

● or anything that you think may be of interest.

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