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Spean Bridge:

Reader: Liz Campbell

Prayers:  Margaret Muncie

Euch Mins: Moira Coutts, David MacFarlane

Roy Bridge:

Readers:  Catrina MacDonald  Ishbel Campbell

Prayers: Lorna MacGregor

Euch Mins; Nilda Hawke, Richard Sidgwick, Rory MacDonald

Rota January 18th. - January 19th.

Burns Supper—Saturday, February 1st


There will be a meeting of the Social Committee in the Chapel House after the 11.30 mass today to arrange for the Burns Supper on February 1st, and I hope as many as possible will manage to be present.

Anyone wishing to help in any way whatsoever will be made most welcome.

This year we are going to miss Anne MacKintosh so much as Anne chaired the committee down the years assuring every detail to make the evening a great success with no hitches, with everyone having  their own tasks to do.

I am grateful to Christine MacDonald who has offered to help and fill in for Anne, but I know Anne will always be available should we require any advice.

Items for the agenda: artists for the ceilidh, the Grand Raffle, the dance, volunteers to help with the  food (haggis, neeps and tatties), the preparation of the hall etc….

There will be a fuller notice about the Burns Supper in next week’s Bulletin, as this week the Bulletin is a much shorter edition than usual.

Congratulations to Joanna MacGregor who has been appointed Geography teacher at Lochaber High School. Joanna started in her new post on Monday when the schools returned after the Christmas holidays. We wish her every success, and I am sure she will be very popular with both staff and pupils.

Joanna has been teaching in Edinburgh at St. Thomas Aquinas school since she graduated, and I am sure she will enjoy being back close to her family. Last Sunday we had  the baptism of Arabella Simpson, another grand-daughter for Alistair and Lorna, and also at the baptism were Ross and Dawn, who were married last year in Inverness, with their beautiful recently born son, Alistair Roman MacGregor. I hope to have colour photographs and a fuller report of the baptism in next week's Bulletin.

Thank You from SCIAF for our Syrian Appeal

The wonderful response in our parish to the Syrian Appeal came to £1,400, and SCIAF have written to thank us most sincerely for the great generosity of our parishioners. There are colour brochures at the back of the church telling us that SCIAF raised over £1000,000 with their appeal which allowed them to help 43,500 Syrians with food parcels, clean water and hygiene kits. They have also helped to provide accommodation, blankets and heaters for 8.500 families. Medical care and counselling has been offered to 20,500 people who have been injured or traumatised.  Schooling has also been arranged so children do not miss out on their education. SCIAF continue to work in the region with Caritas, their Catholic partners from the English dioceses, to bring comfort, care and love to people who suffer so much in this terrible conflict.

Almost back to normal

It is three weeks since I last said a public Mass and been able to get out and about to visit the housebound and also call on parishioners. I am most grateful to Bishop Joseph for all his help, and also to Fr Stan who said the Masses last weekend. Whatever caused my illness, probably a severe chill, I was fortunate that the second dose of extra strong anti-biotics prevented something more serious . I am still waiting for the results of the x-ray. which I hope will give me the all clear!  I am very grateful for the many kindnesses I received during the last three weeks.

Morning Mass cancelled: I have decided it would be wise to cancel the weekday morning Masses for another week, or until further notice.

Sunday January 12th. 2014                                                                                         Charity registration No. SC 002876

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