Sunday February 23rd. 2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

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St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's

Ash Wednesday, beginning of Lent, is a week on Wednesday, March 5th

The time seems to have passed so quickly since Christmas, and and now the Church asks us to focus on the Passion and Sufferings of Christ. If the cross of Christ is always at the centre of our faith and devotions, it will bring us many, many graces, and give us a sense of our spiritual priorities in a world where pleasure occupies the lives of so many. Christ was poor and his love for the poor is so obvious from the gospels. This Lent, Pope Francis asks us to give a special thought and place in our lives to the innocent people who are suffering and are destitute because of the wars that have overtaken their countries.  During Lent, we will have the opportunity of contributing to SCIAF, and the WEE BOX will be available for parishioners from this Sunday onwards. We can be assured that every penny goes towards the world poor.

Catholic Education Week—second collection today

This goes towards helping the hierarchy to maintain our Catholic school, and assuring the rights of parents to have e their children educated in a Catholic atmosphere. A percentage of the collection also goes to the diocese to help with the education of students for the priesthood.

Thank You

Sandy MacKintosh wishes to express his sincere thanks to everyone for all the support and kindness he received during Ann's long illness, and also for the many mass cards, letters and messages of sympathy he has received at her death which has brought him great comfort. He was deeply touched at the large number who attended Ann's funeral. The church was packed to overflowing, testimony of the respect and love in which was held by so many  .


We offer our sincere sympathy to Rory MacDonald whose sister Jean Heywood died last week after a long illness.  Mass was said for the repose of her soul on Friday. Eternal rest grant unto her , O Lord,

Bulletin—shorter edition

The machine ran short of one of the colour inks, so  the Bulletin is reduced in size this week. We hope to be back to normal size next week. However, it is not always easy in a small rural parish to fill the Bulletin with interesting news items and articles each week, so  some weeks the Bulletin will be a single A4 size page.

Bishop Toal

Our bishop continues to be administrator of Motherwell diocese, and still manages to give so much time to our own diocese.. He has to travel to New York, USA, this month for the ongoing  discussions on English translations of the liturgy. He has appointed Fr Stanislaus temporarily as administrator of a parish in the Motherwell diocese which has no priest, and is being cared for by a parish priest who also has to manage his own parish. I am sure Fr Stan will be greatly appreciated, It is another warning bell of the shortage of priests.

Welcome to Fr Peter and St. Augustine’s Swing Band: Friday evening was a fabulous evening of music, North meets South, traditional highland music of Deirdre Beck's players, and the highly professional swing and jazz players, all young pupils of St. Augustine's. Fr Peter acts as their chaplain and they had their lovely annual candlelit Mass at Cille Choirill on Friday morning. I am grateful to Fr Peter for saying the 11.30 a.m. Mass this morning.

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Ellen Nicolson

Prayers: Lindsay Simpson

Euch. Mins: Moira Coutts, Liz Campbell

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Ishbel Campbell, Richard Sidgwick

Prayers: Rory MacDonald

Euch. Mins:  Nilda Hawke, Margaret Watt, Colleen Porter

Rota March 1st. - March 2nd.

The relationship needs to be taken care of every day, “entrusting yourselves to the Lord Jesus in a life that becomes a daily spiritual journey, made step by step, tiny steps” toward greater maturity and spiritual growth, he said.

Like his miracle of multiplying the loaves, Jesus will do the same “also for you,” he said, “multiplying your love and giving it to you good and fresh every day.”

The pope also urged couples to keep their wedding ceremonies low-key, focusing more on Christ than on the dress, decorations and photographers.

A Christian marriage is a celebration, but it must highlight “what’s really important,” and “the true reason for your joy: the blessing of your love by the Lord.”