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Sunday February 2nd. 2014                                                                                          Charity registration No. SC 002876

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Burns Supper cancelled

For the first time in  sixteen years since the Burns Supper started, we had to cancel the evening because of the few number of tickets that were sold.  By Tuesday morning, there still almost 70  unsold tickets  so we decided it was too risky to go ahead with the Supper.  We managed just in time to cancel the preparation of the haggis, and we had the cancellation announced on Nevis radio and in the local press. We are sorry that those who had planned to come were disappointed, as the Burns Supper is always such a happy and enjoyable evening.

I wish to thank everyone who handed in gifts for the Grand Raffle and also donations. These will kept safely until the summer when we hope to have a special St. Margaret's Buffet Ceilidh Dance, which I am sure will be a great success.  By then there should be no worry about the weather or seasonal viruses which affect us all at this time of the year.  This will be announced in plenty of time and well advertised so that everyone will know about evening.

A Thank You letter from Ann MacKintosh

Dear Fr Tom and Parishioners of St. Margaret's,

 A Mass has been offered for you to thank you for all your prayers, love and support, also for your many kind gifts, during this journey of illness

I am sure life would be more difficult if I didn't have such support from you all.

Please God, I will be able to come to Mass again as the days get longer and warmer!
Sandy joins with me in thanking you all very much

                                                                    Love Ann

Ann has been so brave during her long illness, and has placed her  future in the care of God’s holy will. She has good days, and days that are not quite so good.

She receives holy communion most mornings, and for Ann this is the most precious gift she could wish for to have Our Lords presence to share her journey of suffering.

The parish made a novena to St. Mary MacKillop some time ago,  and I know that our parishioners will continue to keep Ann constantly in their prayers. She is a wonderful example of patience and acceptance of God's Will in her life

Bulletin Collection £346

My sincere thanks for your generosity in last weekend’s collection to help me meet the expense of printing the Bulletin.

The numbers at Mass, both at St,. Joseph’s and St. Margaret's, were the smallest I have seen for many years.  I am sure there must have been some explanation,  either people away for the weekend or the tummy bug virus that is going around at the moment—but your generosity was not affected.

I am sorry for the small Bulletin this week as it has been quite a busy weekend - assuring everyone knew about the cancellation of Burns Supper, and there was also a funeral on Saturday.  We hope to be back to normal next weekend

Central heating leak in church

One of the central heating pipes started leaking again, and the carpet on one side of the church was badly affected. However, the leak was quickly repaired, and Alan Ingram's cleaners arrived from Fort William with an industrial machine, and very quickly dried out the carpet, and within two days we were back to normal again. Fortunately, the carpet is rubber-backed so no damage was done.

Blessed Candles

Should anyone wish to have a blessed candle for their home,  please call either at the sacristy or at the chapel house.

It is always the Catholic custom to have both holy water and a blessed candle a home.  Some homes have a holy water font at the door so that the members of the family bless themselves as they leave the house each morning to ask God protection during the day. There is a large jar at the inside door of the church with a supply of holy water.

Subscriptions of £15  are now due for renewal, and will come just in time to help top our tanks with heating oil to make sure that our parishioners are kept warm for all the many services during Lent and leading to Easter.  

There are envelopes at the back of the church which you may wish to use. These can be returned by putting them in the collection basket on Sundays. If you use another envelope, please make sure that it is marked “100 Club”. with your name.   Many thanks

All cheques should be made out to St. Margaret’s 100 Club.

Spean Bridge:

Reader: David MacFarlane

Prayers:  Margaret Muncie

Euch Mins: Moira Coutts, Liz Campbell

Roy Bridge:

Readers:  Lorna MacGregor  Catrina MacDonald

Prayers: Richard Sidgwick

Euch Mins; Margaret Sargent, Nilda Hawke, Colleen  Porter

Rota February 8th. - February 9th.