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Sunday February 16th. 2014                                                                                          Charity registration No. SC 002876

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Only God knows how many babies she saw safely into the world, but Anne would rarely talk about this for she was always discrete with a sense of privacy and confidentiality about her profession which remained with her.

It was in Anne's nature to be outgoing, and she devoted herself so enthusiastically to the needs of the community and of the parish: she was a member of Lochaber Help Service, and regularly visited the homes of elderly people to assure that the various emergency equipment was working, but she would also remain for a while and have a chat with them-something they all looked forward to. She was also a member of the local Voluntary Car Service taking people to doctors' appointments, or to collect prescriptions at the chemist.

She took great delight in helping with preparation of the weekly meals for senior citizens, and in what free time she had, she would often visit the sick and housebound. But she also enjoyed her free time, and she and Morag MacNeil ran a very successful country dance club in the hall.  Anne was always involved in every function run by the parish, and she was the one that parishioners looked up to and trusted as a leader, and were happy to follow any of Anne's suggestions.

She took such care in planning every detail in everything she helped to organise, and the great success of the Bums Suppers were very much due to her organising skills. I know when I celebrated my Golden anniversary in the priesthood, and later my 80th birthday, it was Anne’s leadership  hat inspired everyone involved to make these such memorable occasions for me.

Blessed Sacrament - the altar cloths and the purificators used at Mass were washed regularly and came back as white as the driven snow. She and Ishbel Campbell, her good friend, worked together to arrange beautiful floral arrangements for all the major feasts, especially Christmas and Easter, to the glory of God and the delight of the parishioners.

When Anne MacDonnell was unable to continue to look after Cille Choirill. Anne and Sandy willingly assumed the responsibility for it, and took such great care of the church which they loved so much,  visiting it every week to collect any donations, cleaning it, gifting a carpet, and always assured that everything was ready when we had our Sunday Mass there, and the church nice and warm. How we miss them now.

Her remains lie humbly before the altar, before the Blessed Sacrament. her final acknowledgement to God's Will in her life.

A light has gone out in our lives that radiated such warmth, love and kindness and such an example to all of her care for the needy: Whatever you do to the least you do it to me.

Very shortly before she died, I brought her Holy Communion for what was to be the last time, and so these last few moments were spent in close union with the presence Christ in her heart. It must have been a beautiful conversation. Peacefully, she fell asleep and come the morning, when she opened her eyes, it was to behold Christ in all his glory, whom she had served so lovingly in her life, welcoming her into his presence with all the angels and saints.

I am as sure as sure can be that she heard those beautiful words from Christ, and how well she earned them:

Well done good and faithful servant enter into the joy of your Lord - and there she now dwells now all eternity.

May her gentle, saintly good soul rest in the peace of Christ.

Anne helping to serve the haggis, tatties and neeps at a Burns Supper.

Part of the reason for cancelling the Burns Supper this year was that people knew of Anne’s  illness and the fact that I was indisposed.

Possibly we have had our final Burns Supper for we missed the presence of Anne so much.

Perhaps in the summer months we may have a very good St. Margaret's buffet-dance to replace our Burns Supper, which Anne thought was a good idea.

We are so grateful to Christine MacDonald for all her help his year, but much of the planning can be used for our proposed summer Buffet-Dance.