Sunday December 7th. 2014                                                                                      Charity registration No. SC 002876

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St. Margaret's,                        St. Joseph's,                        St. Finnan's

Helena after her recital, receiving immense applause from an appreciative audience who insisted she return several times to take a bow

Helena Rose makes her debut as a concert violinist

Last Saturday evening in Blackburn,  Helena played the  Bruch violin concerto, accompanied by the Blackburn symphony orchestra, and gave the performance of her young life. At only 16 years of age, she chose a concerto that tests the skill of the finest professional violinists, and she played it superbly well. It was such a stunning performance that a professional lady said that the Bruch violin concerto was her favourite and that she had heard it performed many times by well-known professional violinists, but never as good as this.  Quite an accolade!

There is no doubt that Helena gave a superb performance, and with her French violin, she entranced the audience with her interpretation  of the Bruch concerto. Her violin, made in 1838, responded so beautifully, the sound ringing out above the orchestra with such richness and  sweetness, filling the hall with its music. (vraiment, un bel instrument!)

All the long hours of practice to play every note perfectly from memory, the journeys to Whitebridge to have the assistance of her skilled tutor, Sarah Murray, and the devoted help of her father, Peter, a professional accompanist, all contributed to such a incredible and memorable performance that brought tears of joy to the eyes of many. She looked so attractive on stage with her beautiful dress designed and made by her mother, Hazel.

With so wonderful a talent at such a young age, what will the future hold out for Helena? She obviously has the choice of a brilliant career in music ahead of her should she so wish.

One of her joys is to serve Mass each Sunday at St. Margaret's with her  13 year-old sister, Francesa, a skilled cello and clarinet player, along with Stephanie and Skye Spiers.

Helena is so unassuming that many are not aware of the brilliant musical talent within her, and she herself rarely mentions it unless asked.

We offer our sincere congratulations to Helena on such an outstanding performance at her young age, and there is little doubt that she will have caught the ear of some musical directors, and made a deep impression on them, which should augur well for her future. May God bless her