Sunday December 21st.  2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

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Parish priest: Fr. Tom Wynne.  Tel: 01397-712-238    Mobile: 07879297420      St. Margaret’s, Roy Bridge PH31 4AE

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Christmas Confessions; Sunday, December 21st

Fr. Roddy McAuley will hear confessions today at the following times

 Spean Bridge: 3 p.m.– 3.30 p.m.  Roy Bridge: 3.45 p.m. —4.15 p.m.

In Hospital

Donnie MacDonald is seriously ill in the Belford, and you are asked to remember Donnie very specially in your prayers as his condition is giving cause for grave anxiety.  He has received all the sacraments of the Church and has Holy Communion regularly that he may be comforted by God’s presence in his illness.  


We remember at Mass this weekend those whose anniversaries are at this times:

Lachie Wynne, (Fr. Tom’s father), Donald Porter and Sharon Fraser. South Lagan.  Eternal rest grant  unto them, O Lord.

Thank you

I am very grateful to Charlie Toal for erecting the crib and the Christmas tree  in St. Margaret’s,

and to Huntly Cameron, an employee of Roddy Campbell, who each year erects the crib in St. Joseph's , which he designed, and to David MacFarlane for  decorating it and erecting the tree, and to Clair Pegrum, for erecting the crib and Christmas tree at St. Finnan’s

Schools Nativity Plays

Both Roy Bridge and Spean Bridge primary schools  excelled themselves with their nativity plays which so beautifully portrayed the birth of our Saviour.  Roy Bridge school had a repeat of their play in St. Margaret's for the Blessing of the crib on Friday afternoon.  May God bless all the children and their teachers for the hard work they did to ensure that the plays were such a great success. They certaintly helped us to prepare spiritually for Christmas.

Christmas Bulletin

Unfortunately, there fault has developed in the link between the computer and the Xerox Colour Copier which could not be repaired before Christmas, so we are reduced to a simple black and white two-page Bulletin instead of a four-page Bulletin in glorious colour. We hope the engineer will manage to come

this week to put everything back in working order again. This is the first trouble we have had with the colour copier  in two years. I am grateful to Ian MacDonald, Glenfintaig ,who spent a considerable amount of time trying to locate the fault, which he finally discovered requires a new electronic part, and to Bill Priest who also had a look at it.

Winter Solstice, December 21st - the shortest day

The winter solstice is when the axis of the north pole is furthest away from the sun, and it means that we really are in the depth of winter!. It is also the shortest day, and from now on we are heading for Spring with a little extra of light added on to each day.

There is an old Gaelic saying that by January 6th, the feast of the Epiphany, the cockerel can take an extra stride in the hen run before it gets dark because of the stretching of the days

Christmas Feast Days

December 26th -St, Stephen, the first martyr.  Dec, 27th - St, John, the evangelist,

Sunday, Dec. 28th - feast of the Holy Family.   

January 1st, New Year’s Day - Feast of Mary Mother of God.  

Sunday, January 4th -Feast of the Epiphany. January 11th -Baptism of Our Lord

Rota December 27th- December 28th

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Margaret Muncie

Prayers: Liz Campbell

Euch, Mins; David MacFarlane, Moira Coutts

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Val MacDonald  Dominic Sargent

Prayers: Tony Sargent

Euch. Mins:  Ian MacDonald Rory MacDonald, Lorna MacGregor