Sunday December 14th.  2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

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will take place this afternoon at 3 pm in St. Margaret's Church, Roy Bridge.

This is always a lovely family occasion and will feature soloists, ensembles, choir, orchestra, clarsachs,  handbell ringers in  another feast of seasonal music.

There will be a debut performance from the 'Music Makers', a charming choir of 5,6 and 7 year old children.

The audience will also be encouraged to sing a selection of favourite carols to the accompaniment of the Music School's renowned string orchestra.  

Do come and support the Lochaber Music School.

There will be a raffle and refreshments in Roy Bridge village hall immediately after the concert.

Admission is £5 for adults, but children of school age have free entry.


We remember in our prayers this weekend Janet Jones and John Cameron whose anniversaries are at this time.

Mass will be said for John on Monday,

The 11.30  a.m. Mass today will be said for Janet, and we gather round Tina and her family to give them our support, for  the past twelve months has brought them such immense sorrow. Janet’s long and terminal illness with her death at such an early age, leaving two young children, Logan and Charlie, was a heavy cross for Ken, Tina, Kenneth and Catherine, to bear. They found their strength in God's all-embracing love to help them over the difficult days. The parish was very close to them during this time, supporting them with its prayers.

We did not know that this little family had yet another cross to carry with the illness of Ken, which stated last. March.

As the months went by, his condition weakened, until God called him to gently himself only a few weeks ago. One can only try to imagine the intense grief of Tina and her family, yet they have shown us immense courage and their trust in God’s goodness  to give them his grace and strength to accept this further sorrow. The family’s consolation is that their loved ones are now together sharing the joy of God’s love in heaven. Janet’s death caused Ken such grief, but now they are united  for all eternity. May God bless Tina and her family today, and especially at Christmas time, when they

will gather together as a family, as they have always done in the past, to celebrate Christ’s birth. They will be very much in our thoughts and prayers.

Our Christmas trees and cribs

I wish to thank Robert Langan for his annual gift of two beautiful Christmas trees, which he picks specially, as gifts for St, Margaret’s and St Joseph's. God bless him.

As always, I am grateful to Charlie Toal for erecting the crib and the Christmas tree at St. Margaret's. It takes a good part of a day, and Charlie has them ready for the children's nativity play, which takes place next Friday at 2 p.m. in the church, to which everyone is invited.

At St. Joseph's, Roddy Campbell’s member  of staff, Huntly Cameron, who helped design the crib to make it easy to erect, puts it together each year, and David MacFarlane looks after  the tree and the figures in the crib.  

At Invergarry, I am grateful to Clare Pergrum for  putting up the crib and Christmas tree and Christmas decorations,

Each year, our churches have lovely flower arrangements. This takes a lot of skill and devotion, and we are never disappointed with the beautiful results.

Without the choir and the organ, Christmas would not just be the same, and I am grateful to Peter and the choir members for not only singing at midnight Mass, but also for coming again on Christmas morning to make the Mass special for  both the children and the adults.

In Hospital

We remember  Donnie MacDonald (Donnie the Hall) in our prayers at Mass this weekend, Donnie is quite seriously ill and was removed from the Belford to Raigmore Hospital for further tests, Donnie has been such a faithful member of this parish, and took up the collection each Sunday.

Keep him in your prayers.

Rota December 20th – December 21st

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Margaret Muncie

Prayers: Liz Campbell

Euch. Mins: Moira Coutts, David MacFarlane

Roy Bridge:

Reader: Tony Sargent, Helen  MacDonald

Prayers: Lorna MacGregor

Euch. Mins: . Catrina MacDonald, Margaret Watt, Margaret Sargent