Sunday August 2nd. 2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

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Parish priest: Fr. Tom Wynne.  Tel: 01397-712-238    Mobile: 07879297420      St. Margaret’s, Roy Bridge PH31 4AE

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Feast Day of St. Mary of the Cross, Friday August 8th.

This year,  Sisters June and Diane of the Sisters of St. Joseph, are inviting the local parishes to join with them in the Mass to St. Mary MacKillop on her feast day at St. John's Caol, where Bishop Toal will concelebrate Mass with the local clergy at 10 a.m.

There will be no Mass in Roy Bridge on Friday as I will be present at St. John's, Caol, for the special mass. I hope as many as possible will manage to come to Caol on Friday morning, and that those with cars will offer a lift to parishioners who have no means of transport.

I arrived in Roy Bridge eighteen years ago, on Thursday, August 8th, 1996. and I have been so blessed and happy to be among such a wonderful devout, generous good people,  and humbly serve them by being able to  provide Mass and the sacraments to nourish their spiritual life.

Within three months, we had a shrine to Blessed Mary through the generosity of so many kind donors.

This shrine encourages parishioners and visitors to have recourse in prayer to St. Mary MacKillop and encourages us to follow her example of holiness - detachment from material things and a total committed to the Will fo God in our lives.

Prayer for a new bishop

At the Mass on Sunday, Bishop Toal will introduce a prayer to the Holy Spirit to be  said daily for the appointment  of a new bishop for our diocese.  People ask how long it will take before we have  a new bishop, but no one knows because of the time it takes for consultation.

In the meantime, we keep praying to the Holy Spirit for a worthy successor.


We remember in our prayers at Mass  this weekend for those who anniversaries are at this time:

Johan MacDonald, for whom the Vigil Mass on Saturday will be said, and Alistair and Annie MacGregor, Achnabobane, for whom Mass will be said on Monday.  Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.

Beginning of World War 1—August 4th 1914

Churches all over the world will be commemorating the outbreak of the First World War.  Pope Benedict XV made repeated appeals for peace, but these fell on deaf ears for he felt assured that there was not a just cause for nations going to war.  He was revolted at the sight of millions of men being treated by generals as mere canon fodder, and the extent of human carnage.  On Monday, let us pray for all who gave their lives for peace, for this was the war to end all wars, and let us  pray earnestly for the elusive gift of peace in  our own times for nations never seem to have learned the lesson that diplomacy must be used to the absolute limit before declaring if a war is just or not.

Collection next weekend for  sick and retired clergy of the diocese.

At the moment there are four diocesan retired priests, including one who requires permanent care, and the diocese assures that they are well provided for. However, the bishop relies very much on the generosity of the faithful to help him take care of these priests who have served the diocese so faithfully in their life time, and are no longer able  to do so through age old age and/or illness.

This is our opportunity to show our gratitude by contributing as generously as we can to this fund to assist the diocese in its love and care for its elderly priests.

Bishop’s Fund

Thank you for the recent collection to help the Bishop meet the many expenses involved in running the diocese, which came to £265.

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Alison MacIntosh

Prayers: Faith MacIntosh

Euch, Mins; Moira Coutts, Liz Campbell

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Rory MacDonald, Dominic Sargent

Prayers: Tony Sargent

Euch. Mins: Catrina MacDonald, Margaret Sargent,  Nilda Hawke.

Rota August 9th. – August 10th.