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The passing of Sandy MacKintosh

With the death of Sandy, our parish has lost a parishioner who with his wife, Ann, were so devoted to this parish over the past 40 years.

    Ann and Sandy had a beautiful marriage, truly a marriage made in heaven. Ann was a midwife for 23 years, and saw hundreds of babies into the  world, but, sadly, she and Sandy were not to be blessed with a family of their own. But, they adopted a larger family, by devoting themselves to the life of this parish and so many other charities.

    In his early days, Sandy was a ghillie and shepherd at Loch Treig and boarded with the Campbells at Fersit; then he went to Glenshiel and was based at Clunie, an area he knew so well since the family lived there for a while. From there he took on a job shepherding in Mull for the next four years, and then returned home to Brackletter where he was shepherd for the next 20 years.

It was at this time he met Ann, and he found a new happiness that he could never have hoped for. They were so devoted to each other and together they were to have a wonderful happy life which was to benefit so many people.

Ann helped to organise so many things in the parish, and Sandy was there to support and help her in any way he could.

    When Anne Macdonnell died, Ann and Sandy  took on the care of Cille Choirill church with great enthusiasm and devoted themselves to looking after it. They would visit it several times a week to collect any donations  that were left for the Cille Choirill booklets.

On a Sunday, they would have the

 church beautifully prepared for mass with fresh altar linen, flowers, and Ann would arrange for readers while Sandy distributed the missalettes and Bulletins. He and Donnie Kennedy would attend to the gas heating to make sure the church was warm in cold weather And now there is no one to replace them and we miss them so much.

I am grateful to Donnie who does so much to prepare the church, to ensure that it is warm, and kindly comes to collect me at the chapel house.
We will always remember Sandy at the Burns Supper, dressed in his tartan trews, standing so tall as he carried in the haggis, led by a piper, and making himself generally helpful. He just loved being part of what was happening, and his beaming smile was so assuring.
During Ann's long illness, he was so brave and so supportive to her, always being cheerful and helping in any was he could. As time went by, he became more aware of the seriousness of Ann’s condition, and we could see how worried and concerned he had become. No one will ever truly know how much he was affected by Ann’s death, for it must have been such a severe blow to him. They were always so close to each other, and Ann had nursed Sandy through several life-threatening illnesses.

He was so brave, and was supported by the family and his many friends and the devoted carers.
When he was no longer allowed to drive his car because of his failing eyesight, it was a great disappointment for him, for he lost part of his freedom. Everything possible was done to help him, but as the months went by, it became obvious that he health as failing. The carer noticed one morning that he was having difficult with his breathing and sent for the ambulance. He seemed to make progress for a little while in the Belford, but he had a sudden relapse, and God took his gentle soul into his presence in heaven on Wednesday afternoon where Ann would there to welcome him, and all his extended family. Sandy was a big man with an equally big heart which loved and served God so well, and made his marriage to Ann so special.

They were only parted for six months, ands now they are united in the happiness of heaven for all eternity. May he rest in the peace of Christ.

Sandy’s funeral will be next Saturday in St. Margaret's at 12 noon.

His remains will come to the church on Friday evening at 5 p.m.

Mass this afternoon at Cille Choirill at 3 p.m.

As always, this Mass is an opportunity to pray for  our loved ones who lie at rest around the church, and for all our departed loved ones. It is also a time to remember with gratitude the bishops, priests, teachers and parents who played such an important part in our lives.

Deacon Thomas will there to assist me by giving the homily and helping with holy communion.

Harry Thomson RIP

Many of our parishioners will remember  the Thomson family who spent many years in Roy Bridge before moving to the Isle of Lewis. Sadly, Harry died in a motoring accident near Stornoway last week, probably due to a heart attack as the accident was not so serious and no other car involved. The family requested that he be buried form St. Margaret's, and his funeral took place on Saturday morning. He is buried close to his mother's grave at Kilmonivaig  May he rest in peace.

Congratulations to John and Margaret Muncie on becoming grandparents.

Chris and Laura were blessed with a baby boy last week in Frankfurt, where Chris works, and both baby and mother are doing well.

He is called John, to the delight of his grandfather!

Rota August 30th -August 31st

Spean Bridge  August 30-31

Reader: Alison MacIntosh

Prayer: Faith MacIntosh

Euch. Mins. Moira Coutts, Liz Campbell

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Val MacDonald,Ishbel Campbell

Prayers: Tony Sargent

Euch. Min.  I. MacDonald,R. MacDonald, Betty Campbell