Sunday August 17th. 2014                                                                                        Charity registration No. SC 002876

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Parish priest: Fr. Tom Wynne.  Tel: 01397-712-238    Mobile: 07879297420      St. Margaret’s, Roy Bridge PH31 4AE

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Mass next Sunday at Cille Choirill

I would be grateful if our parishioners would let their relations and friends know that there will be Mass next Sunday at Cille Choirill at the usual time of 3 p.m.

I have asked my nephew, deacon Thomas, to come and assist me and to give the short homily.

We usually have Mass close to the feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady to  comfort those whose loved ones lie at rest in the cemetery that one day their bodies also will rise to join their souls in heaven. Mary was sinless by the power of God to prepare her for her part in our redemption by giving birth to our Saviour. The Church has always believed from the earliest days that she was taken body and soul into heaven.


We pray for Alister MacDonald, whose anniversary is this weekend, and for whom Mass will be said on Sunday to allow his family to be present, and also Grace Dignan, whose anniversary is at this time, and for whom Mass will be said on Monday.  

 Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.

The Braes

It is great to see our local paper, The Braes, going from strength to strength under its new editor, Margaret Sargent, This month’s edition is extra professional with its interesting and informative articles, its attractive lay out and the beautiful colour photographs of the Commonwealth Baton passing through Spean Bridge village, and many others. It is a credit to the  team who produce it, and we look forward each month to catching up on all the local news.  Margaret agreed to help out after the retirement of Peter Wilson, who was  The Braes first and excellent editor, and who had been the night editor of The Sun for some years in London! However, Margaret has made such a success of her role as editor, that the team will now not let her go. As well as editing and writing many of the articles, Margaret is also a very good amateur photographer, and many of the photos that appear each month are taken by herself.  The paper has increased in size now, and is a jolly good read and well worth the £1 that we pay for it. It is not only read by locals, but has a long list of Lochaber exiles who have subscribed to it and look forward to receiving it by post each month to catch up on all our local news. Fans have been photographed reading The Braes in all parts of the world!   Here’s to its future!

Early notice of St. John’s Church, Caol, Parish Dance, Friday. September 5th.

Fr. Roddy McAuley has asked to advertise his Parish Dance in the Bulletin, which will take place in the Caol Community  Centre on Friday, September 5th, from 8 p.m. to late. There will be a Licensed Bar, and the  music for the dance will be will be supplied by the Ceilidh Band: “Drams Allowed”.  Teas/Coffees/Sandwiches.
Tickets: Pay at the Door.  £10/Children £5

Children go back to school on Tuesday: The long summer holiday have passed so quickly, and there will be a lot of activity on Tuesday with new pupils starting school,  present pupils changing to new classes, and some going to Lochaber High School.wish them all well. The staff return to school on Monday, and we hope they have all had a restful and relaxing time and are ready for the new term ahead.

Feast Days of the week

Monday: St. Bernard, who was an abbot, a great preacher, truly a living saint, who attracted many men and women to the monastic life, and  was responsible for the foundation of new monasteries in Europe.  Thursday: St. Pius X , who was a gentle Pope and  pastor of the flock, and encouraged children to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion from the age of reason, usually 7-8 years of age. Friday: The Queenship of Our Lady: Mary, who was assumed body and soul into heaven, now reigns as Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Universe.

Spean Bridge:                            

Reader: David MacFarlane

Prayers: Margaret Muncie

Euch. Mins.. Liz Campbell, Moira Coutts

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Tony Sargent Helen MacDonald

Prayers: Lorna MacGregor

Euch Mins : Margaret Watt, Catrina MacDonald, Margaret Sargent.

Rota August 23-August 24)