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We remember Canon Iain Gillies, parish priest of Arisaig, in our prayers this weekend. His anniversary is on August 13, and Mass will be said for the repose of his good priestly soul on Monday.

 He was one of the most respected priests in our diocese, and was loved and revered by all his parishioners in Knoydart and Arisaig. He devoted himself to all his flock, with special care for the elderly. He was a gifted carpenter and made so many altars for parishes when the liturgy allowed Mass to be offered facing the people. He was looked after lovingly by Susan Toal, his housekeeper, for many years.

As a fellow carpenter, I am sure St. Joseph received Canon Iainwarmly into heaven, The latest Lochaber Housing development in Arisaig is calledCanon Gillies Place in memory of a priest well-loved by all the members of the community.May he rest in peace.

We also remember David McSherry, whose anniversary is at this time and for whom  Mass will be said next Sunday for the repose of his soul. May God comfort his own loved ones who still feel his loss at such a young age. May he be united with his mother, in heaven,

Allan MacKenzie, for whom Mass will be said on Wednesday,

Janet MacInnes, Achluachrach. for whom  Mass was said last week

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.

Dominic Dobson—home from hospital

Dominic finally arrived home  on Tuesday from the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, where he had major surgery. Thankfully, after all he has been through he is looking very well and is immensely cheerful. His sister, Pippa, has remained at Achaderry to take care of him during his convalescence, and this is a great comfort and help to Dominic. We continue with our prayers that his good progress may continue. The members of the choir send him their very best wishes that he may soon be back to full health again and be able to join them again in the not too distant future.


Next Mass at Cille Choirill  Sunday August 24th

Our August Mass at Cille Choirill will be in a fortnight’s time, and I would grateful if our parishioners would let their relations and friends know about the Mass. It will be at the usual time of 3 p.m.

Congratulations to Cal Dignan

Cal graduated  from Aberdeen University recently with degrees in surgery and medicine. He was highly successful in his exams and was top student of the year. He has been given a placement in the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, where he will concentrate on surgery with a speciality of his own choice. We wish him every success for the future. God bless him.

A full report will appear in the next edition of The Braes magazine.

Schools reopen  a week

Tuesday, August 19th

It is hard to believe that the summer holidays come to an end next week when the children in the Highland Region return to school. We have had a very good summer, so the children should return well tanned with the sun.

We wish all the pupils going to Lochaber High School every success, and I know they will take with them the great traditions of their on own local primary schools.

The sad World in which we live.

On the first  Christmas night, the angels of Bethlehem sang, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth  peace to men of good will. Where is that peace now!

As the tension between Israel and Hamas increases, with the resort to powerful weapons causing so much destruction, pain and grief, we are all appalled and weep at what we see on television—large areas being reduced to rubble with the resultant deaths of over 2,000  men, women and children, innocent victims of this cruel war.

In  Iraq, the Moslem extremist have killed thousands of innocent people solely because they refuse to give up their Christian faith and convert to Islam. Thousands have fled in fear with nothing but the clothes on their back—no food or water to sustain them. America is now intervening which may help save many lives  and also are providing relief for the victims.

In Africa, the terrible disease, Ebola, has caused the deaths of over 1,000 people, and so far there is no known cure. Yet in the  midst of this, there are doctors and nurses, who are prepared to take immense risks to help the sick and the dying. One devoted American doctor has already died from the disease.

On one hand, you have people killing each other, and on the other, people who sacrifice their lives to save others.

What can we do?

First of all, we can all pray earnestly to God to grant peace on his earth and that he may help the world find a solution in all love and justice to its warfare.

We pray also for those who are being persecuted for their faith, where extreme Moslems are intent on genocide.

We pray also that God may help scientists find a cure, a vaccine, that will prevent the spread of Ebola which may become a global problem because of the speed with which people travel by air from one country to another and could possibly carry the virus with them.

There are many appeals for financial help by various charities to help the afflicted people, especially children.

God will bless us for our generosity to them

Rota August 16th - August 17th

Spean Bridge:

Reader: Liz Campbell

Prayers: Ellen Gordon

Euch. Mins: David MacFarlane, Moira Coutts

Roy Bridge:

Readers: Lorna MacGregor, Catrina MacDonald

Prayers: Richard Sidgwick

Euch Mins: Ishbel Campbell, Nilda Hawke, Colleen Porter