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Chrism Mass and blessing of sacred oils

St. Columba’s Cathedral, Oban, Wednesday 7 p.m.

This a very beautiful and moving Mass when the sacred oils are blessed by the bishop for use in the parishes throughout the year. On  this night the clergy also renew their priestly vows and  promise to continue to serve Christ in the priesthood with humility, zeal and sincerity.

New born babies will be anointed during the year with the oil of baptism and the oil of Chrism bringing the divine life of the Blessed Trinity into their souls.

Children will be confirmed by the bishop with the sign of the cross made on their forehead with the oil of chrism. The sick will be anointed with the oil of the Sick, a sacrament that brings them both peace and healing.  

RCIA Programme

A programme devised a good number of years ago, RCIA (Rite of Christian initiation for Adults), has been an outstanding success, and many hundreds of adults are received into the Church each year during the Easter Vigil. The courses start in the autumn, and after an interval the candidates are anointed with the oil of Baptism when the Church is assured that they are of good faith and wish to continue with their instructions. The reception into the Church takes place during the Easter Vigil and is quite a wonderful an emotional ceremony. Some of the converts have never been baptised, and they receive baptism with newly blessed Easter water and rejoice with the Risen Christ.

At a recent deanery meeting, in the presence of Bishop Joseph, it was suggested that perhaps we could start an RCIA course this autumn for the Lochaber area in which all the parishes could join. Anyone interested in the Catholic Church, and perhaps would like to know more about it, would be welcomed to come along to the courses. Some time during the course, should they express a wish to become a Catholic and be received into the Church, they will start preparing for the ceremony at the Easter Vigil. There will be more about this project in the near future.

Wednesday evening Mass and Stations —changed to 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Because of the Chrism Mass in Oban on Wednesday evening, Mass on  Wednesday will be at 10 a.m. in the morning  instead of the evening. We will have Stations of the Cross before Mass instead of the Rosary.

Collection for Pope Francis’ charities—next Sunday

This collection should have been taken up at the beginning of March, but somehow or another it was accidentally missed out this year. It will taken up next week on Palm Sunday. This collection allows the Holy Father to support people in need throughout the world, especially where there are disasters of floods, earthquakes, famine etc.

Spean Bridge:

Reader: David MacFarlane

Prayers: Margaret Muncie

Euch. Mins: Liz Campbell  Moira Coutts

Roy Bridge:

Readers:  Rory MacDonald,  Dominic Sargent

Prayers: Tony Sargent

Euch Mins: Betty Campbell, Catrina MacDonald,

Margaret Sargent,  

 Item of interest —Prince George’s nanny

PRINCE GEORGE'S new Spanish Catholic nanny used to be nicknamed "the saint" by friends who thought she would become a nun, it was reported in last week’s  Catholic Herald.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, 43, grew up in the city of Palencia in northern Spain and is a graduate of the distinguished Norland College nanny school.

Her friends told the paper:  "We all thought .Maria would end up becoming a nun because she was such a different girl to the rest. She did not show any interest in boys, and, above all, was a very devout person, and  we would not have been surprised if Maria Teresa, nicknamed Santa, ended up following her brother to serve the Church as he was ordained a permanent deacon in 201l.  

Her brother said: “We are all  very happy for her because she's worked hard to get where she is now. Children are her life and her great passion."

Who knows, the Prince may grow up to have a liking for the famous Spanish paellas  and omelettes,  and perhaps be able to  have a few words of Spanish!

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