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Sunday September 22nd. 2013
Spean Bridge: Reader: Lindsay Simpson Prayers: Ellen Nicolson Euch Mins: Liz Campbell David MacFarlane
Roy Bridge: Readers: Helena Rose  Dominic Sargent Prayers: Tony Sargent Euch Mins: Betty Campbell, Catrina MacDonald, Margaret Sargent
RotaSeptember 28th. – September 29th.
In Greek and Norse mythology, the rowan tree was a means of protection against  evil spirits, and this legend passed down the centuries to many European countries, including our own. Later it had took on a a pagan-Christian symbolism. From Scotland to Cornwall crosses made from rowan twigs and bound with red thread were sewn into the lining of coats or carried in pockets, and also tied to cattle to keep them safe from the evil eye!  I remember one farmer asking me to bless his cattle as his calves were dying shortly after birth, and he was convinced it was the evil eye. However, he had not resorted to putting crosses made from  rowan tree round the neck of his beasts! Nowadays, people are very much aware from experience that a rowan tree laden with berries in the  autumn can be  a sign of a harsh winter to come. This was true of the severe winters of 2010 and 2011 when the branches of the rowan trees were bending with the weight of rich red berries in the autumn. In the autumn  of  2012 there were hardly any berries on the rowan  trees and we had a truly Caribbean winter in Lochaber while the rest of the country had very severe weather  and low temperatures, while we saved on  our central heating because of the unusual warm temperatures! It is with some trepidation that we look at the rowan trees this autumn for they are full of fat red berries once again. Does this augur another harsh winter, or perhaps the legend is only true now and again  and affected by a warm summer as we had this year. We will just have to wait and hope for the best!
Early Snow on Ben Nevis - September 15th! Sign of a harsh winter to come?
These  verses were sent to me by a lovely elderly lady from Mull, Barbara MacDougall, who used to teach in Lochaber. She found them in a prayer book and thought others might appreciate them.
Take time to think - It is the source of power Take time to read - It is the foundation of wisdom Take time to play - It's the secret of staying young. Take time to be quiet - It’s the opportunity to seek God Take time to be aware - It’s the opportunity to help others. Take time to love and be loved - It’s God’s greatest gift Take time to laugh - It is music to the soul Take time to be friendly - It is the road to happiness Take time to dream - It is what the future is made of- Take time to pray - It is the greatest power on earth. (Based on Ecclesiastes 3/1-4)
Confirmations in the Deanery. Our children will be confirmed in St,. Mary’s on Sunday Decembers 1st. Parents will be notified this week. WE will join with join with the other seven parishes in the deanery.