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Sunday October 27th. 2013
Spean Bridge Reader: Ellen Nicolson Prayers: Liz Campbell Euch Mins: Moira Coutts, David MacFarlane
Roy Bridge Readers: Richard Sidgwick, Lorna MacGregor Prayers: Helena Rose Euch Mins: Catrina MacDonald. Mgr Sargent, Rory MacDonald
Rota November 2nd. – November 3rd.
Another step on the road to the diaconate — the order of Acolyte
Order of Acolyte My nephew, Thomas,  received the second minor order last Tuesday during the Mass concelebrated by Bishop Joseph with Mgr MacKinnon, Fr Tom, assisted by Deacon Stanislaw Pamula. This is the final order before Thomas’s  ordination to the permanent diaconate next year, God willing. The order of acolyte allows him, with the Church's approval, to be of service to the priest at the altar, to assist the priest by distributing Holy Communion and also to bring Holy Communion to the  sick and housebound. It is the culmination of four-and-a-half years of intensive study in the various branches of theology, moral philosophy, scripture, Church history, Canon Law, Social Justice etc. He has still approximately a further six months to do to complete his studies. He has spent many weeks over the past four years attending lectures at Kinnoul Monastery, Perth.  Previously he had to travel the long distance to Birmingham during the first year of his studies. The course demands a tremendous discipline of reading and study at home, for the student has to provide essays each month of 2,000 words on the most difficult subjects which are of university standard. At the end of the course, the student can obtain a degree of Bachelor of Divinity. The course follows very closely  the course required for students for the priesthood. As well as study, the student has to develop his spiritual life by spending  more
time in prayer and spiritual reading,  for the heart of the future life of a deacon will be serving our Lord in a  spirit of love and service to the local Church. The diaconate is a sacrament which gives a special grace and allows the deacon to help in the parish by administering the sacraments of baptism and matrimony. He also can take funeral scripture services and bury the dead. Another important part of the diaconate is preaching at Mass, assisting with the religious education of children and generally being of service to the  priest, which is the true essence of the diaconate. There is already one permanent deacon in the diocese, and another young married man from Lochielside has started his first year studies. Because of the shortage of clergy,  priests in many dioceses have now to serve two and three parishes, and this is where the deacon can be of tremendous help in sharing the work load of a busy priest. I am always very grateful to my nephew, Thomas,  for his invaluable assistance to me during Holy Week services at St. Margaret’s. We thank God that we will have a new priest in the diocese very soon when the Rev. Deacon Stanislaw Jan  Pamula will be ordained in Oban on Thursday, December 5th. We pray for all who are preparing for the diaconate and the priesthood, and also for an increase of vocations to the priesthood, the diaconate and the religious life, so that our people will continue to be well served by the sacraments and the preaching of the word of God.
Sheena Wynne, Bishop Joseph and Thomas Wynne after he received the minor order of Acolyte at Mass last Tuesday evening at St. Mary's, Fort William.