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Sunday October 27th. 2013
All Saints Day — an encouragement to us all
When we use the word saint, we automatically think of someone who is very holy and who has been declared a saint by the Church. Many of the saints, like the apostles, gave their lives out of loyalty to God, and are martyrs; others had an intense love of God and a simplicity of life which influenced many people, likeSt. Francis of Assisi. There are also men and women who died only recently, and while they were alive, they were looked on as living saints, not only by Catholics, but by the whole world, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paul 11 are just two examples. So saints are not just from centuries past, but are living with us in the world, offering their lives each day in a service of love to God and to their neighbour, according to their vocation. It is not that long ago since our late Holy Father, Pope John Paul 11, beatified a husband and wife because of the exemplary way in which they lived their married life and brought up their children.He also beatified an Italian mother, who was also a doctor, and was expecting her third child, when she was discovered to have a cancerous tumour. She refused chemotherapy, knowing from her medical knowledge that it would kill her unborn child. The child was born safely, but sadly she died sometime later. As a mother, she considered the life of her unborn child more important than her own life and made the ultimate sacrifice Me a saint? You must be joking! The means to holiness is offered to all of us with the grace of the Mass, holy communion, the Blessed Sacrament and the sacrament of reconciliation. Some good people find time to pray each day and try to live out their lives in the presence of God. If they have a free moment, and live near a church, they will visit our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The rosary is also a part of their daily prayer life, for there is no quicker way to Jesus than through Mary, our mother True holiness is not beyond the reach any of us, and on the feast of All Saints, the Church honours the countless men and women and youths who lived their lives simply and humbly in this world by serving God faithfully and showing a great love and compassion for their neighbour.
The Way to Holiness  It was St Therese of Lisieux who showed us how simply holiness is within the grasp of everyone. She did the ordinary things of life extraordinary well out love for God.Mother Teresa of Culcutta told us that she did nothing extraordinary in her prayer life: she would spend some time in private prayer each morning before mass, then devoted the day to caring for children and the poor, finding intervals during the day to refresh her soul before the Blessed Sacrament. Married life Married Life demands a lot of love, sacrifice and patience: attending to the baby and children, the housework to be done, cooking, washing up, cleaning, but when this is offered in a service of love to God, it is the beautiful fulfilment of one's marriage vocation. It is the most pleasing prayer that a mother can offer to God.  Likewise with a father, who has to provide for his family, and this means using his talents and professionalism in the service of others, which also gain him an income for his home and family. In many homes, both parents have to work to meet the cost of their mortgage and the needs of the family, and many manage to do this successfully Holiness for our youth Young people have so much to offer to God - the freshness of their youth, their enthusiasm, their talents and their time, which was so obvious when 2 million youths from all over the world, gathered around Pope Francis this year in Rio at the World Youth Rally  He told them, when young people allow Jesus to live in and through them, what an effect this can have on themselves and on others. The vocation of each person is to be holy. This challenge can only be achieved by co­operating with the generous graces that God offers to us all. When Pope Benedict visited Britain three years ago, in one of his talks to youth he encouraged them to be the saints of the future. At some future feast of All Saints, may we be counted worthyto be among the unknown saints in heaven whom the Church honours on this feast, because we lived our lives simply and humbly in a service of love for God and for our neighbour, and fulfilled our vocation in life as best we could
Last Mass of the year at Cille Choirill next Sunday, at 3 p.m., November 3rd.  The Mass next Sunday Cille Choirill will the Mass for the Holy Souls. All those at rest in the cemetery will be especially remembered, and also all our own departed loved ones. Plenary Indulgence A Plenary indulgence for the souls in purgatory can be gained from Midday November 1st to midnight November 2nd. Similarly any day from 1st to 8th November for visiting a cemetery and praying for those buried there. We are asked to say an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be to the Father...for the holy father's intentions.
November Lists The envelopes for the November Lists are at the back of the church. Should you wish your loved ones remembered at Mass throughout the month, please write their names on the sheets provided. These will be placed at the altar beside a lit candle to remind us of their life in heaven.  It was the late Mgr Ronald Knox who talked of the host at Mass like a window in the wall: our loved ones are in the presence of  God on one side, and we are on the other side, closely united to them by our faith in Christ’s living presence in the Eucharist.
Our MISSION SUNDAY is THIS Sunday, when prayers will be offered for our missionaries. This year Scotland is helping the Sisters in Chennai, India, who rescue children from human trafficking, and provide a home for them at their Marialaya Home. The second collection will go towards helping the nuns in their work of mercy The full story was in last week's Bulletin