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Sunday October 20th. 2013
Thank you for such generous gifts for the Harvest Thanksgiving Mass
As always, the response to Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday was so generous, with lots of home-baking, local vegetables  fruits and an assortment of so many other things. I am grateful to the ladies of the  parish who sorted out the gifts, put them into bags and delivered them that day to senior members of the community. I also wish to thank Ann MacKintosh for writing down the names of our senior members on gummed labels which were easily attached to the bags and ensured that no one was missed out. We keep Ann very much in our prayers that God may grant her renewed health and strength through the intercession of St. Mary MacKillop.
November Lists for the Holy Souls You will find envelopes and forms available at the back of the church for those who wish to include all their loves ones, friends and benefactors in the November Mass offered each day for these intentions. November is an opportunity to remember and pray for, not only our family members and loved ones, but also for those who were an influence in our lives—clergy, teachers, friends etc.  The book of Macabees  in the Old Testament reminds us that it is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for our dead who may need our help. The doctrine of purgatory is compassionate and is an extension of God’s mercy beyond the grave. More about this during November Our faith makes us very close to our loved ones in heaven who are now in the presence of God. If they loved us while they were on this earth, they will continue to love us even moreso  from their place in heaven and present our needs to God our Father. We should always remember them in our prayers for they are very close to us and will help and guide us in our needs Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upin them May they rest in peace.
Clocks go back an hour next weekend We are truly into winter next weekend  when the clocks go back an hour and we return to the long, dark evenings. We pray that we may have another winter like last year's, as it was truly Caribbean in comparison with the rest of the country, for there will be a 8.2 % rise in the cost of electricity in November. This can  make things so difficult for pensioners if the winter is severe for they need that extra warmth and comfort because of their age. The introduction of the Government’s new Universal Credit System, plus the “bedroom tax” has caused immense difficulties and poverty throughout the country.  Inverness has been chosen to have the system closely monitored, and for the first time good, decent, young parents have to depend totally on food banks to help feed their children. Forty William has its own Food Bank now, where the former Hydro Electric shop used to be, and the team who run it will be grateful for any non-perishable food handed in to help the poor. Pope Francis has encouraged us all to share with the poor  from the abundance of what God has given to us.
Gifts arranged below the altar
Our ladies busy sorting the gifts into bags.
Next Mass at Cille ChoirillSunday, November 3rd. The final Mass of the year at Cille Choirill will be in a fortnight’s time, November 3rd at 3 p.m, the Sunday nearest to the Commemoration of ALL SOULS I would be grateful if parishioners would let their relations and friends, who live at a distance, know about the Mass. As always the grounds of cemetery are beautifully maintained which is a great consolation to those with loved ones buried at Cille Choirill. Once all the leafs are down, our four churches and the chapel house will have the  slates, gutters and downpipes attended to in preparation for the winter months.