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Sunday November 3rd. 2013
Bishop Toal has been a member  of the International Committee for English in the Liturgy since his consecration five years ago, and has travelled all over the world to take part in meetings. He replaced Bishop Murray, who was a former member of for nine years before his retirement. Recently, the committee, which includes lay men and women, were invited to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis as he wished to thank them for the invaluable work they have done over the years for the new translation of the Missal  into English. With English being the most widely used language, it was the first to receive approval from the Vatican which allowed the new Missals to be printed four years ago, and sent to all the parishes in the English-speaking world The laity took to the new translation very well, although words like consubstantial do not trip too easily off the tongue! A lot of literary skill went into producing the new translation with the help of lay experts, and in general the result is good. It took a little time for both clergy and laity to get used to the new translation  after forty years of  using the previous Missal, which was
received with such great joy at the time. and was an immense help to congregations to follow the Mass more closely. The Congregation for the Liturgy, under the guidance of Pope Benedict, decided that some of the translations in the old Missal were too colloquial, and it was time to have a more accurate translation from the Latin. To achieve a perfect translation is always difficult, and well nigh impossible, for the translator has to get inside the mind of the  composer of the prayer and present it in a modern language which is accurate, fully understandable and meaningful—not an easy task! Some translations of the prayers in the new  missal are just a little too literal and do not read easily, but these are very much in the minority. When the next future edition comes out these prayers will  read with an easier fluency
Pope Francis meets Bishop Joseph at the Vatican