Charity registration No. SC002876  
Sunday November 17th. 2013
SCIAF  Philippines Appeal next Sunday
SCIAF has linked with CARISTAS and CADFOD, its English counterparts, and they are making a joint appeal next Sunday to all the parishes throughout Britain so that every Catholic can make his/her own personal response by donating as generously as possible to assist their brothers and sisters in need,  especially the babies and children. If ever Our Lord’s words are to be heeded, NOW is the time: When I was starving, you gave me to eat, naked and you clothed me,  in distress and you came to my assistance….. whenever you did it to the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.
These are some of the horrific scenes we have witnessed this week on television:  thousands of people dead, homes and buildings totally destroyed and reduced to matchwood, people starving, no food or clean water - and nowhere to seek refuge from the continual rain. It looks like Armageddon — the end of the world! International help is now reaching the most isolated and worst affected areas with food, water, medicines etc, and world-wide charities are already in action sending supplies of everything that is essential for life.