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Sunday November 10th. 2013
Roy Bridge primary School –souvenirs of the treasured old oak tree. IT WAS a day of celebration at Roy Bridge Primary on Friday as the school took delivery of beautifully crafted pens and a wooden sculpture, all fashioned from an old Scots pine felled by hurricane-force winds two years ago. The much-loved tree had been a fixture in the school playground for more than 100 years before it blew down on December 8, 2011. Head teacher Kate MacGillivray and the local community were determined the special tree should be remembered, so professional wood turner Philip Dart, from Spean Bridge, was commissioned to produce the 18-carat gold-plated pens, which have barrels made from the pine. Mr Dart also carved a stylistic sculpture using wood from the tree as a permanent memorial to the its place in village history. So the old tree will live on for many more years to come!
The end of the liturgical year is in sight. There are only three Sundays left until the beginning of Advent on December 1st. The Church's year ends with the final week beginning with the feast of Christ  the King, ending on Saturday, November 30th, with the feast of the apostle, St. Andrew, patron of Scotland and Russia.  Soon the Christmas lights will be appearing in all the towns, and already the Supermarkets are filled with all the seasonal foods. Preparations for Christmas seem to come earlier each year! Restaurants and hotels at the beginning of October were advising people to book their Christmas lunch now!
Bishop’s Pastoral Fund—collection next weekend. This fund goes towards many things connected with the pastoral work in the diocese, especially furthering evangelisation, and the pastoral projects of the bishop. Mission collection comes to £440  Many thanks for your generosity towards the work of the Missions in the Church which this year is focused on India and the work of the nuns saving children from traffickers and all types of abuse, providing them with a home, an  education and giving them a chance in life.
Deanery confirmations in St. Mary’s, Fort William. Since Bishop Joseph is the administrator of Motherwell Dicoese while it awaits the appointment of a successor to Bishop Devine, who retired some months ago, his work and travelling have increased immensely. He decided that the children who are to be  confirmed this year in  Lochaber (St. Margaret’ deanery) should meet in St. Mary’s on the first Sunday of Advent, December 1st. to receive the sacrament. This will be a great help to the  Bishop and will save him from visiting nine parishes individually to administer the sacrament of confirmation to their children. There are three dioceses in Scotland waiting for new bishops—Motherwell, Paisley and Dunkeld. Two of the dioceses may have their new bishop by Christmas. 
 The statue above the door at St. Margaret’s, Roy Bridge This statue of St. Margaret, erected in 1938,  was a gift from Mr. George MacFarlane, Fort William, the former chemist, whose family had long connections with this parish. You walk under the statue each time you enter and leave the church,  so perhaps you could look up and say a  prayer to our patron to ask her help to follow her holiness of life and her love for the poor and disadvantaged — and also a prayer for the repose of the soul of our benefactor, George MacFarlane. Details of the statue: It weighs four cwts, and scaffolding had to be erected to hoist the statue into its niche which had been lying empty since the church was opened in 1928.  The account is as follows, and is evidence of the value of money before the outbreak of war. Boulton & Sons. To supplying stone statue ….. £47. 1.  0 Livingstone, masons…………………….…..... £1. 2.  0 MacLellan, joiners…………………………..... £4. 9. 2 J. Campbell, lorry…………………………...... £1. 4. 0 Total…………………………………….…..... £53.16.2 The church cost £9,000 to build. Today the building is insured for well over £1million, and the furnishings for half a million.