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Sunday May 26th. 2013
or many of us, long before we had our first lesson in religion or  learned to say the Our Father or recite the Hail Mary, our parents taught us how to bless  ourselves and make the sign of the cross  with the familiar the words: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”  This simple prayer sums up so beautifully the feast we are celebrating today. It speaks to us of the  mystery of God and is the source of our very being, as well as our joy and our hope for the future.  Our limited knowledge of God as One in Three Persons came only . It was an insight into the life of God which we  could never have discovered on our own, and even after having been told we still have no understanding of how this be. Our knowledge of the Trinity comes from Jesus, what he said and did while he was here on earth,  and gently unfolded his own relationship to God Father and the Holy Spirit. Trinity Sunday celebrates the wonderful mystery of God who is our Creator,  our Saviour and our Sanctifier, and is the centre an infinite love which flows to the whole of creation. The three  persons in the Trinity are truly One.
The family life of the Trinity and ourselves Love begins in the Father who created us and cares so deeply about us that he sent his only Son into the world to be our brother and who died for our sakes, and God pours his Spirit  into our hearts  to sanctify. This unique closeness of the persons of the Blessed Trinity is a model for family relationships we should have for one another, united in a spirit of love. We receive all the sacraments in the name of the Blessed Trinity                                           Baptism We were baptised the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and as happened when Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan, God the Father also says to us: you are my beloved daughter/son in whom I am well pleased, and the Holy Spirit comes down and dwells within us.                                   Confirmation We were sealed with the Holy Spirit in the name of the Trinity, the grace we received in is strengthened within us to give witness to God in a world that is becoming ever more irreligious and secular. This is the commitment of young persons to serve God faithfully throughout their life 
Feast of the most Blessed Trinity