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Sunday April 28th. 2013
It was with shock and sadness on Tuesday morning that the community learned of the tragic death of Maurice Cameron.   Maurice was truly a local character and held in affection by all who knew him.   He was always mannerly and grateful for any kindness shown to him, and in many ways very much the gentleman.   Whatever problems Maurice may have had, he had a soft nature, was warm-hearted and gentle in his attitude, and also so vulnerable, and this is what won him so many friends.   He knew he could rely on a welcome and help when he most needed it from his own relations, his special friends and the homes in the village which he visited and where he was received with kindness. Maurice was skilled at plastering and brick-laying, and would help in any way he could.   During the last few weeks, he was helping with the painting to get the new Roy Bridge café prepared for its official opening last Thursday. 
Lorna Weir referred to this at the opening day that Maurice had been such a willing helper, and that he had been invited as a special guest to thank him for all he did, but sadly he could not with us. Our deepest sympathy goes to his brothers Ronald and Angus, and his sisters Marie and Janette and her family, and his close relations. Bishop Toal phoned from Iona, where he is taking part in an ecumenical service on Sunday, to ask me to express his sincere sympathy to the family and the promise of his prayers. At the time when the Bulletin was being printed there was still no indication as to when Maurice's funeral would be, but it is likely that it could be at the end of this coming week.  May Maurice’s good soul rest in peace.
Maurice Cameron R.I.P
Roy Bridge Café officially opened last Thursday Last Thursday was an exciting day for the village when the café was officially opened.  I was asked by Raymond and Lorna to cut the tape along with Catriona Sutherland,  a primary 7 pupil who designed the wining logo.  The school children and teachers were invited and there was also a large number of well- wishers who came along and filled the store to capacity.  The café is the fulfilment of a dream of their son Christopher who hoped this might rescue the Stores from being sold.  It meant an incredible amount of work, most of it done by the family,  and especially Christopher,  who is an excellent joiner. The café also includes two public toilets, the first time Roy Bridge has ever had this, and this will be of immense benefit to visitors to the area. Lorna is a wonderful baker, and her cakes are absolutely delicious.   There is also an excellent staff who make you feel so welcome.  The prices are all very reasonable, plus the excellent quality of the food on the large menu, will continue to attract visitors throughout the year.  Already it is becoming a favourite  place for locals for afternoon tea with its wonderful selection of baking.May God bless the new café, and all who work in it, and make it as great success.
My grateful thanks to Margaret Sargent for the photographs.  Margaret is never without her camera, and through its lens she has captured many of the important events that have occurred in Roy Bridge over the years, both in the village and in the school where she taught for over 30 years.  She is also very much involved in editing the Braes magazine, writing some of the articles and providing many of the photos, all of which makes the local magazine so interesting and welcome each month.
Left: Catriona Sutherland and some of the well-wishers
Right:                    Cutting the ribbon