Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday March 3rd. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu Our First Holy Communion children Third Sunday of Lent—be prepared! We tend to think of Lent as a time for stepping up acts of personal devotion and piety without giving much thought to its real purpose which is an invitation to repent, be converted,  detest sin  and return to the unconditional love of Our Lord. We can fool ourselves, like the Jews,  into feeling that all is well. We also can imagine that we are in good spiritual shape and have no need for repentance precisely because no calamity has come our way. The absence of misfortune does not mean the presence of virtue.  Our Lord has warned us in the Gospels, always to be on the watch, always  be ready for we know not the hour nor the day when he may call us in to his presence to give an account of our stewardship We are all familiar with traffic lights. They give us a warning by turning from green to amber – and then to RED. If a person has a serious or terminal illness, they learn with confidence to place their trust and their life in God’s loving hands. This is like an amber light in our lives. But then, there is not always an amber light, for we may not get a warning, because of an undiagnosed condition, or an accident. If you have not been to confession for some time, don’t  let Lent go by without making use of the sacrament of reconciliation, and make a good confession — & make it more frequently! Front: Joshua Campbell, Darren Whyte, Cameron Whyte, Evan MacDonald, Stephanie Spiers, Aimé Campbell, Alasdair Poll, Fergus Berardelli.  Back: Marie-Ann Wardlaw, Mgr Peter Wilkinson, Bishop Joseph, Fr Tom, Catrina MacDonald. Here are eight happy children after having made their First Holy Communion in St. Margaret's last Sunday, February 24th. It was a great joy having Bishop Toal concelebrate the Mass, and also Mgr Peter Wilkinson, who was enjoying a short holiday in Roy Bridge. The Bishop spoke encouragingly to the  children at the end of the Mass, and distributed certificates and gifts of prayer books to them, and also bouquets of flowers to our two catechists, Marie-Ann Wardlaw and Catrina MacDonald, who devoted so much of their free time taking the children for catechism each Monday after school. I would like to thank the parents for their co-operation, coming out on Thursday evening for the talk on the importance of the sacrament in the lives of their children, and for dressing the children so lovely for the great day in their young lives. My sincere thanks also to all who baked cakes, made sandwiches, sausage rolls etc. and did everything to help make the reception after Mass in Spean Hall such a success. There was an abundance of food for everyone. Thanks to David MacFarlane, who arranged the lease of the hall, and also asked parishioners who attended a birthday party the evening before, to come out early on Sunday morning to tidy the hall for the children’s communion breakfast. A final thank you to our organist and choir for making the  children's Mass so beautiful.  May God bless you all for your goodness—and not forgetting our photographer, Margaret Sargent. who supplied the photo for the Bulletin.