Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday March 3rd. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu Spean Bridge: Reader: Lindsay Simpson Payers; David MacFarlane Euch Mins  Liz Campbell, Moira Coutts Roy Bridge: Readers: Catrina MacDonald, Ann MacKintosh Prayers: Lorna MacGregor, Euch Mins:  Nilda Hawke, Rory MacDonald, Richard. Sidgwick Rota March 9th. – March 10th. This week’s News The  Cardinal needs our prayers and our support The nation, and indeed the world, was shocked at the allegations made against Cardinal O’Brien. The timing inflicted the greatest damage on the Cardinal just as he was about to leave for the conclave in Rome to choose a successor to Pope Benedict, and also the fact that he would  retire on March 17th, when he would be 75, the obligatory age for bishops to retire, which was only four weeks away!     The Cardinal does not know who his accusers are and what the allegations are, but he has put the matter in hands of his solicitors. In the meantime, he is being crucified by the media, and needs our prayers and our support.     His incredible pastoral work during his life as Archbishop and Cardinal touched the lives of so many people, and as President of SCIAF he travelled to many parts of the Third Word to give his support to the great work of trying to improve the conditions of the poor.     He looked after our diocese for almost three years when we had no bishop, and during this time he became a special friend to our parish and visited us  frequently for many parochial occasions, the last one being our celebration of  Blessed Mary MacKillop’s canonisation. We met him in Rome, where he was an inspiration to us all, and he looked forward so much to the celebrations we had in Roy Bridge to honour St. Mary MacKillop, where he was the principal invited guest.  It was a wonderful and memorable evening, one we will never forget, and gave the parish the opportunity to present the Cardinal with a gift as a token of our appreciation for all he did for us over the years.     If you wish to write a card or letter to the Cardinal to assure him of your prayers and support. His address is as follows. I am sure the Cardinal will greatly appreciate your concern. His Eminence Cardinal O’Brien 43 Greenhill Gardens, Edinburgh 10 4BJ Pastoral letter for Lent from Bishop Toal. You will find a copy of Bishop Toal’s Pastoral Letter for Lent alongside this week’s Bulletin. Please read it  prayerfully for it will help you on your pilgrim journey through Lent to the joy of the resurrection on Easter Sunday. Anniversaries We remember in our prayers at Mass this weekend, Ottie de Sousa who died recently in Australia, a friend of Joey Cooper, for whom  Mass was said on Friday. Fraser MacPhee, whose anniversary is on March 5th, and for whom Mass will be said  on Tuesday morning at St. Joseph's. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord Home from Hospital Joe Smith arrived home from Raigmore during the week, and is making excellent progress after major surgery.  Joe is grateful for all our prayers during his stay in hospital. Weekday Mass during Lent It is encouraging to see an increase of parishioners attending a weekday Mass during Lent as part of their Lenten devotions. If you are free, why not come to a Mass during the week to obtain the generous graces Our Lord offers us during this holy season. Weekday Masses: Roy Bridge  Monday and Friday 10 a.m Wednesday  Stations of the Cross 7.30 p.m., followed by Mass. Spean Bridge Tuesday, Stations of the Cross 9.45 a.m. followed by Mass, and Thursday 10 a.m. Stations of the Cross Sundays at 6 p.m.                Altar Servers I hope to introduce some new altar servers next week from among our children who made their first holy communion last Sunday. Thank you to an online line reader of the Bulletin for a generous donation to help with printing costs.