Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday March 3rd. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu This letter for SCIAF Sunday, March 10th,  comes to you from Bishop Peter Moran,  President of SCIAF, the Scottish Catholic  International Aid Fund. I am writing it on 26th  February, amid the shock news of Cardinal  O'Brien's resignation. In this letter I am sure I  speak also for him. The Cardinal gave huge  support to SCIAF, not least by his visits to many  of the countries where your SCIAF money  reaches those who need it. One of those countries  is Burundi, in central Africa.   Our Lenten appeal this year focuses on Burundi,  where decades of civil war have brought great  suffering and want. Through SCIAF, you and  other Scottish Catholics reach out in love to the  poorest and most vulnerable of our global  neighbours. You can offer not just a hand-out but  a hand up, so that people can free themselves  from poverty.   Together, we are healing Burundi's broken  communities by helping people forgive, resolve  their differences and come together to build  lasting peace. Peace and reconciliation provide a  solid foundation for hope and prosperity. We are  also providing tools and seeds so that families  can grow enough to eat. Let us take inspiration  from their courage and resilience as they strive to  rebuild their shattered country.   Next Sunday is also Mothering Sunday, and we  rejoice in the strength and love which mothers  bring to our lives. In Burundi, two thirds of   families do not have enough to eat, and one in  six children will die before their fifth birthday.  And yet, mothers still bring their children up  in hope.  Albine, a mother of nine, was helped by  SCIAF to reclaim the small piece of farmland  which her family had to abandon when they  fled the fighting.   She gives us this message: "My hope is that I  can stay in my country and that there will  continue to be a good atmosphere. Now that  we have land we can make the most of it so  that our children can have everything they  need. God bless the Scottish people and what  they have done for us."   Fasting during Lent can mean not spending  money on something non-essential. But giving  the money we save means poor people don't  have to go without something which is  essential. The choices we make in our daily  lives impact upon the lives of others. Our  donations and prayers help to create a just  world and so do our actions. In a world where  there is enough food for everyone, each of us  can add our voice to the growing campaign to  end global hunger and poverty once and for  all.   Thank you for your generosity this year and in  the past. May God bless you and your families.   Peter Moran  President of SCIAF SCIAF second collection next weekend is our Lenten alms for the poor of Burundi. Make use of the Wee Box during Lent for your  any spare change you may have in your purse  or your pockets  SCIAF  Lenten collection next weekend for Burundi  Letter from Bishop Moran Retired Bishop of Aberdeen