Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday March 24th. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu Holy Thursday This evening, we thank God for the two most precious gifts he gave to us at the Last Supper the Upper Room, the Cenacle: the Eucharist, his own Body and Blood, and the priesthood assure us that his presence would always be with us: Do this in memory of me.  Down the centuries, the Eucharist has been the  very beating heart of the Catholic Church, the sign of Our Lord’s living presence among us. The first Mass was at the Last Supper, it was both a sacrifice and a meal. The sacrifice  would take place the next day when Christ became the innocent victim on the cross on  Calvary. The Eucharist would also be the food  for our souls. He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I live in him. Thursday evening will be an excellent opportunity as we gather round Christ, as the  Apostles did in that Upper Room, to pray for our priests that they may become more Christ- like. Pray also for an increase of vocations to the priesthood. Without the priest there can be no Eucharist, no Mass, no Eucharistic community. We remember our deacon in Rome, Rev Tony Wood, who will be ordained a priest in Oban on July 3rd. We have the Rev Stan, who is  also a deacon in Fort William and will be ordained when he has completed his studies for the priesthood. My own nephew, Thomas Wynne, who will help out during Holy Week at St. Margaret's, is half-way through his third year studying for the permanent deaconate, and will compete his studies next year. Altar of Repose There will be night prayers at the Altar of Repose at 10 p.m. Good Friday Solemn commemoration of our Lords’ Passion and Death at 3 p.m. The Church in its solemn liturgy recalls our Lord’s final journey from Jerusalem to Calvary. We will never fully appreciate horror, pain and humiliation of Our Lord’s Passion. This was Almighty God who came on this earth to bring peace and love, and was treated as the worst criminal because of the and bitter jealousy of the God so loved the world that he gave us his only-begotten son—and we crucified him! On Good Friday, after the prayer and scripture readings, the Passion according to St. John will be read, followed by the solemn Kissing of the Cross. The Blessed Sacrament is returned from the Altar of Repose and Holy Communion is distributed A Collection will be taken up at this mass for the African Missions Good Friday is also a day of fasting and abstinence. Way of the Cross, Kissing of the Cross and Holy Communion at 7.30 p.m This will be an opportunity for those who are unable to attend the afternoon liturgy, to  come in the evening to honour Our Lord’s suffering and death