Charity registration No. SC002876   Sunday March 10th. 2013 Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Main Menu Spean Bridge Reader: Margaret Muncie Payers/ Liz Campbell Euch Mins   Liz Campbell Moira Coutts Roy Bridge Readers: Val MacDonald,  Richard Sidgwick Prayers: Ishbel Campbell Euch Mins:  Lorna MacGregor, Colleen Porter, Ian Mac Donald Rota March 16th. – March 17th. This week’s News At this Mass two important things happen: all the priests present renew their priestly vows which they made on the day of their ordination, and the sacred oils are blessed which will be used for the administration of the sacraments in all the parishes  throughout the year. Bishop Joseph asks that as many as possible from the surrounding parishes make and effort to come to Oban and join in this Mass so that, as a diocese, we are united in our prayer and support for each other, and especially for our priests at this difficult time. Although the number of clergy who have caused scandal is not even 1% of all the priests in the world who remain faithful to their priestly vows, yet it is still a grievous sore in the Body of Christ. Innocent members have become victims of those in  whom they paced their full trust.   We have only to think of Our Lord’s choice of his twelve apostles, yet one of them. Judas, was to betray him and scandalise the rest. Contrary to what some sections of the media have said, Pope Benedict made a special point of meeting a representation of the victims in whatever country he visited and talked to them with love and sorrow as a father to his children. Whatever were the failures in the life of Cardinal O’Brien, we pray sincerely for him, and remember with gratitude the immense good he did which can never be forgotten or erased. The Chrism mass is also an opportunity to pray for more vocations to the  priesthood. At the moment, Bishop Joseph says Mass each Sunday at Glencoe and Kinlochleven as no priest is available to serve Glencoe parish, Happily, a late vocation, Rev Tony Wood, who is now a deacon and completing his studies for the priesthood in Rome, will be ordained in the Cathedral on Wednesday July 3rd. We have another deacon. Rev. Stan, who serves at St. Mary’s, Fort William, who will be ordained sometime in the future when he completes his studies. But, at the same time, three of our priests are now in their eighties and this must cause a little concern to our bishop. BLESSING OF THE OILS During the Mass, which takes its name from one of the oils, Chrism, the three oils are blessed: Chrism—which is used for baptism, confirmation and the ordination of priests and bishops. Baptism—which is used to anoint the child at baptism, or an adult being received into the Church who has not previously been baptised Sick—this is used to administer the sacrament to the sick, a sacrament which brings strength, peace, and sometimes healing, to the  sick person. These oils will be used in our parish throughout the year for the babies who will be baptised and the sick who will be anointed. Transport: The Sisters at Lochyside are arranging for a bus to Oban, and I will have more information for next week's Bulletin. If you are going by car, you may wish to give someone a lift. The Neuroblastoma Alliance - Oscar Knox Appeal During the week I learned from David and Liz Campbell that their son, Robert, is taking part in a cycle marathon from Glasgow to Belfast to raise funds for a little boy, who is a great Celtic supporter, and suffers from  a  rare disease that can only be treated in America.  The cost of his treatment is astronomical, and Celtic supporters all over the country are raising funds to help pay for this treatment. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive form of child brain cancer, and so far it can not be treated in this country, only be abroad. If anyone wants to sponsor Robert, you may consider contributing  a small portion of your Lent alms to this deserving cause. Anything you may wish to give for Oscar’s treatment can be handed in at the Chapel House, and I will pass it to David and Liz to be forwarded as sponsor money to Robert. I am most grateful to the willing volunteers who keep our churches at Roy Bridge, Spean Bridge and Invergarry so clean and tidy. May God bless you all. The Mass of Chrism and the Blessing of the Holy Oils St. Columba's Cathedral, Oban, Thursday, March 21st at 7 p.m