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Sunday June 30th. 2013
Spean Bridge Reader: Alison MacIntosh Prayers: Faith MacIntosh Euch. Liz Campbell, Moira Coutts
Roy Bridge: Readers: Tony Sargent, Rory MacDonald Prayers; Richard Sidgwick Euch Mins: Lorna MacGregor, Betty Campbell, Helen MacDonald
Rota July 6th. – July 7th.
Ordination of a new priest for the diocese — Wednesday, July 3rd Bishop Toal will have the joy of ordaining a priest for the diocese on Wednesday evening in St. Columba’s Cathedral at 7 p.m. The Rev Tony Woods is a late vocation, and it was while he was visiting his brother in Campbeltown that he heard a letter read out in church from our former Bishop Ian Murray about the shortage of priests. Since he was single, he decided to offer himself for the priesthood, and has just completed his four years of study and preparation at the Beda College in Rome, which is specially adapted for late vocations. He will be raised to the priesthood on Wednesday evening and will serve his first month at the Cathedral. The bishop asks us to keep Tony in our prayers that God may bless him
and grant him a fruitful priesthood in the service of Christ and the Church. The bishop will be delighted if representatives from the   neighbouring parishes will be able to attend the ordination service. Bishop’s Fund —   Special collection today This collection helps the bishop to meet the various expenses incurred in the running of the diocese, among them maintaining students studying for the priesthood.  It costs £12, 000 a year to keep a student at college in Rome, and this why our bishop relies so much on the generosity of his people.  There are many other expenses in running the diocese, to mention just a few– staff, legal fees, banks, and the ongoing expenses of maintaining the Cathedral—all of which are a constant worry to the bishop.  The second collection this weekend is your                                                   opportunity to show your  appreciation, and also to thank God for our bishop who cares for us all so well in looking after our large diocese.
 Summer Holidays The schools in the Highland Region closed on Friday for the next six weeks. We wish the staff and children a very happy and relaxing time with lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, the number of children in Roy Bridge school continues to fall, and the choice of school, of course, is the decision of the parents,. It would be so sad if in time we were to lose our school from lack of pupils. Let’s hope that the numbers will start to increase once
again. Home to convalesce Marie-Anne Campbell returned home last weekend after her successful surgery in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. She will require some time to convalesce, but, thank God, it is good to know that she is making satisfactory progress. Not only has she the  devoted attention of her parents, but her mother, Liz, is a former nurse, so she is in good care!  We wish her a speedy recovery.
The Church has designated certain months in the year to encourage us in our devotions. For example: May is devoted to Our Blessed Lady, June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, July to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, September to the Holy Angels, October to St. Joseph and November to the Holy Souls Devotion to the Precious Blood of Christ In the Old Testament, the Covenant between God and man on Mount Sinai was ratified by sprinkling people with the blood of a heifer. The Victim in the new Covenant, according to God’s Divine plan, was Jesus Christ, his only-begotten Son. His blood was far more powerful than all the blood of the sacrifices offered
in the Old Testament, and restored man’s friendship with God. At the Last Supper, our Lord gave us his Body and Blood in anticipation of his sacrifice on Calvary the next day. The Mass is a continuation of this sacrifice by which we make this offering, through the priesthood, to God our Father. Devotion to the Most Precious Blood helps us have deeper love of the Mass and an appreciation of our Lord’s sacrifice. Christ is truly present, body and soul, in both species of the consecrated bread and wine, and their symbolic separation signifies his passion and death. Our Lord told us: My flesh is real food; my blood is real drink.who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I live in him, and I will raise him up on the last day. St Paul reminds us: “For as often as you eat this Bread and drink this Cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes. Whoever eats this Bread and drinks this Cup of the Lord unworthily, will be guilty of the Body and Blood of the Lord” Throughout the New Testament, there are so many references to the sacredness and the power of the Blood of Christ. We now have the privilege of receiving Holy Communion under both species, and the reception of Christ under specious completes the meaning of the sacrifice of the Mass.