Charity registration No. SC002876  
Sunday June 23rd. 2013
Beaver/Cub Scout Giorgio Beradelli receives a special message  and photo from Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Dear Giorgio I've heard that you have been particularly unwell and that you are currently undergoing a prolonged period of treatment. I really wanted to write to send you my warmest personal good wishes for a speedy recovery and return to good health. Sometimes it takes a knock in life to give us the drive to get up and start pursuing those dreams that beforehand are often just fantasies. My motto is 'to live boldly, follow our dreams, take risks, look after our friends and smile when the mountain is steepest'.                                                                                                                                                Bear Grylls, Chief Scout
n this parish particularly, and throughout the whole of Lochaber, and much further beyond, young Giorgio Berardelli has been an inspiration to so many people who have their own problems in life. When I called on Friday evening  to obtain a photo of him, it was a tonic just to be in his presence for he is so active, humorous and so happy and full of life and very much at the centre of everything that is going on in the home. He is the most courageous child I have ever met, for he has undergone three major and life- threatening cardiac operations with great confidence, and afterwards the consultants and nurses were amazed at his power of recovery, how brave he was and his eagerness to get back to school again to be with all his pals—and he achieved this time within a fortnight!  This tells you something about Giorgio’s amazing character! Four years ago, just after one of his successful major operations, when everything seemed to be going so well, he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare condition that affects boys and slowly destroys the muscles of the body. His parents were devastated by the news, but, their immense resilience and trust in God gave them the necessary strength to look to the future with confidence Again, Giorgio has confounded the neuro-consultants and they are quite surprised that he is showing no effects, and is living a happy and normal life. Please God this will continue for a very long time.  Giorgio has wonderful parents in Paulo and Elspeth, who have the affection, the love and admiration of  everyone, and especially their many friends, for they are
determined to fight for Giorgio every step of the way. Their home is one of the happiest in the parish, and Giorgio is surrounded by his loving sisters and brother, with all the rough and tumble you would expect in any lively family.  Living on a farm, he is surrounded by so many animals, and this plays an important part in his life for he just loves animals. It is a home where you never come away without a box of freshly laid eggs! Paulo and Elspeth, with the support of the whole community, have already raised thousands of pounds to help research into  muscular dystrophy, and it is the hope and prayer of everyone that in the near future there may be a break-through to find a cure for the virus. In the meantime, Giorgio is remembered by so many in their prayers to St. Mary MacKillop, and he has a special place in the prayers of St. Mary's nuns at their convent in Sydney where her tomb is the centre of pilgrimage for thousands. Please God, St. Mary MacKillop will obtain a healing for Giorgio through her prayers in heaven for she was instrumental in his  miraculous recovery after his first incredibly complicated operation. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the Duchenne Appeal please contact Paulo and Elizabeth at Auchendaul Farm. As I came away from their home, I was very moved at how thrilled Giorgio was at receiving a letter and photo from Bear Grylls, and so proud to show it to  his scout leader, who initiated it, and to all the troop members. May God bless Giorgio for he is very special to us all.
Congratulations to Evan MacDonald  who came second in the primary class in the British Trials Cup  which was held recently at Nevis Range. The love of trials sport seems to run in the family—and with great success.  Evan is starting very young and we wish him every success for the future.