Charity registration No. SC002876  
Sunday June 23rd. 2013
Born to love St Joseph Cafasso, Patron of prison chaplains, captives, imprisoned people and prisoners, known as 'The Priest of the Gallows' - His feast day is June 23rd Joseph Cafasso was born in 1811 in Piedmont, Italy, of peasant parents. He studied at the seminary in Turin and was ordained in 1833. He continued his theological studies at the University of Turin and at the Institute of St. Francis, and despite a deformed spine, he became a brilliant lecturer in moral theology, a popular preacher and fought state intrusion into Church affairs.
When he success as rector of the Institute  in1848, he made a deep impression on the young priest students with his holiness, and was much sought after as a confessor and spiritual adviser. But is was his service to prisoners, working to improve their terrible conditions, in visiting the poor, the sick and the various prisons in the city, that he particularly showed his great love for God and his fellow men. He sought out rue poor in their homes, and encouraged the young priests under his charge to visit and help them. The prisons in Don Cafasso’s time were gloomy places infested with vermin, and it was among the outcast of society that Don Cafasso spent most of his free time. He met St. Don Bosco in 1827, and the two became close friends. Joseph died on June 23rd at Turn in 1869 and was canonised in 1947.  Don Cafasso has become known as the apostle of hope and confidence.    Margaret Muncie “We are born to love, we live to love and we die to love even more”                     Joseph Cafasso
 Mass next Sunday at Cille Choirill at 3 p.m. Being the Year of Faith, the Mass on Sunday is on the day after the feast for Saints Peter and Paul, and is an opportunity for us to pray for and thank all those who went before us and kept loyal to the faith, especially in the penal days when it was rare to have Mass and the sacraments. Little did the apostles know what lay before them, but their loyalty to Christ was more important to them than life itself, and so they chose martyrdom rather than deny him. We pray at the Mass for all those who lie at rest in Cille Choirill and for the heritage of the faith they left behind them. Visitors to the cemetery are always so impressed by how beautifully the grounds are maintained. In Hospital Polly MacInnes is back in the Belford and we hope she will soon be home again. I saw her on Friday and brought her Holy Communion, and as always she is so grateful to receive the sacraments. Monsignor MacKinnon is so dedicated in attending to the sick, and has been an immense help to Polly during her previous stays in the Belford. We keep Polly very much in our prayers.
Special Collection for the Bishop’s Fund next weekend Out of the twelve special collections taken up throughout  the year, only four go help the diocese. Next Sunday's collection allows the Bishop to meet some of the many expenses involved in running the diocese. Since his ordination, bishop Joseph has had to  undertake the vast renovations at the Cathedral, and  at the same time provide for the running of he diocese, which incur a lot of expense, and that is why the four collections are so crucial in helping him to meet his responsibilities As always, you are very generous and supportive in helping  our bishop , Goodbye to Sisters Audrey and Therese. The sisters leave on Thursday to return to Australia and New Zealand. May God bless them for all the good they have done in the parishes during the past six years, for they will be greatly missed. They were presented with gifts at a farewell concert in Caol last Friday at which Bishop Joseph was present and the local clergy.  We thank them and wish them well for the future.